• Aroma 0.0.3

    Designed to run with Native Client (an open-source technology for running native compiled code in the browser), Aroma helps developers create Lua games that run in the browser.Aroma is not a game, but a framework, a collection of core functions for a

  • Hydrax 1.1.2

    PushButton is a Flash-based framework for building games.Hydrax can currently be used to build games that run on HTML 5, Flash, iOS (via NME) and Android (via NME). Here are some key features of "Hydrax":· Assets management· Custom data inj

  • Flambe 2.2b

    For cross-platform support and maximum interoperability, Flambe is written in HaXe. Here are some key features of "Flambe":· Multiplayer games via Node.js· Support for mobile devices· Render data via HTML5 canvas, Stage3D and BitmapDat

  • Love 0.8.0

    The framework can produce 2D games that run on multiple paltforms. Here are some key features of "LOVE":· Audio· Images· Joysticks· Keyboards· Mouse· Physics· Events· File system interaction· Sound· T

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