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  • Influxdb 0.5.8

    InfluxDB was written in Google's new Go language and has been open sourced for easier and faster development.The database engine itself has no external dependencies which allows it to be installed on most operating systems that can run Go.The entire

  • Lua Postgres scm-1

    The purpose of the Lua Postgres library is to enable Lua apps and websites to authenticate, query, fetch results and send data for storage to a PostgreSQL database. The library should be a must-have tool for any Lua or PostgreSQL developer. Requireme

  • Redis-lua 2.0.4

    redis-lua provides a way for Lua apps and websites to use a Redis database as their data storage environment.redis-lua is quite easy to install and use if you're aware of common Lua programming practices and should be a main-stay in your personal cod

  • Sqlbuild

    The sqlbuild library allows developers to assemble the syntax of various SQL queries together with the help of the Go language.It can be used as the base layer of a database ORM/wrapper library, for easily translating Go syntax to SQL code.

  • Hood

    Created to work with any database type, Hood will allow easy database interfacing from Google's Go programming language.Supported databases (for now) include PostgreSQL, but new dialects can easily be added. Here are some key features of "Hood":·

  • Flexviews 1.7.1 / 1.8.0 beta1

    Materialized views are basically cached results for MySQL results.When a query is executed in a MySQL database, the result is returned as a dataset stored in a virtual database table which later gets deleted.With materialized views, the result of a M

  • Mimeo 0.12.3

    Mimeo can be used to move database tables from one PostgreSQL database to another.Includes support for three replication strategies:1. Snapshot - entire table copied from one DB to another2. Incremental - data is moved as new content is detected3. DM

  • Free Zipcode Database 1/22//2012

    Available in CSV format, Free Zipcode Database collection can easily be imported into any DB supporting the CSV format.It can also be converted into any other formats (like JSON, SQL) to use with other apps or utilities.Comes in two version, the full

  • Hs2client 0.1

    HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax.The library provides an interface (API) for HandlerSocket, allowing more control over the plugin from inside a Scala app.It basi

  • Handlersocketclient 0.0.5

    HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax.The library provides an interface (API) for HandlerSocket, allowing more control over the plugin from inside a Haskell app.It ba

  • Xerial 3.0

    Xerial aims to be a data storage system with support for class objects, data streams and text format data.It's goal is to provide a common interface for storing XML, JSON and relational data. Limitations:· Still under development.

  • Korma 0.3.0-beta11

    Clojure is a dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).The Korma library adds a special markup language for dealing with SQL operations.Supports all RDBMS compliant databases and eases development of Clojure apps that i

  • Codeq 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT

    Datomic is a highly scalable database system written in Java.codeq is written in Clojure and performs a code-aware import of Git-hosted projects.More than one repos can be stored in the same Datomic database.Why use codeq? Because it will allow a dev

  • Seriesly

    Seriesly is perfect for storing, managing and querying time series data.All the database's data is stored inside JSON documents. Here are some key features of "Seriesly":· Easily create databases· List databases· Compact a database to

  • Amazon Dynamodb 2013-04-18 (beta)

    Designed to be part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) toolkit, DynamoDB is a powerful data store server, managed by Amazon, for users not owning or wanting to deal with the infrastructure of huge and powerful database systems.DynamoDB works by automat

  • Cubrid Ado.net Driver

    Allows connecting ADO.NET-driven websites to the CUBRID RDBMS.ADO.NET (ActiveX Data Objects for .NET) is a set of computer software components that programmers can use to access data and data services. Requirements:· CUBRID What's New in This Re

  • Cubrid Oledb Driver 9.1.0

    Allows connecting OLEDB-driven apps to the CUBRID RDBMS.OLE DB is an API designed by Microsoft for accessing data from a variety of sources in an uniform manner. Requirements:· CUBRID

  • Cubrid Odbc Driver 9.1.0

    Allows connecting ODBC-driven websites to the CUBRID RDBMS. Here are some key features of "CUBRID ODBC Driver":Supported ODBC APIs:· SQLPrimaryKeys· SQLForeignKeys· SQLProcedures· SQLProcedureColumns· SQLTablePrivileges Requi

  • Microsoft Drivers For Php For Sql Server 3.0.1

    It allows PHP apps to communicate with SQL Server databases. The extension provides a procedural interface (the SQLSRV driver) and an object-oriented interface (the PDO_SQLSRV driver) for accessing data.Includes support for Windows Authentication, tr

  • Mongodb Haskell Driver 1.3.2

    This driver lets developers connect to a MongoDB server, and update and query its data.The driver will allow Haskell apps to save, retrieve, write and use data stored in MongoDB databases.

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