Omnistar Article

Omnistar Article is a web based php article software that allows businesses and webmasters to easily post articles, press releases and any information to a customizable template.

This article management software is managed from a user-friendly web based administrative control panel.

- Easily post articles, event notices and press releases to customizable page
- Manage article postings from a user friendly web control panel
- Software includes 32 professional customizable template layouts.
- Includes ability to create and add our own template layouts
- Format article content with built in article editor
- Create brief description text of articles and multiple pages of full text
- Ability to re-brand administrative interface
- Create article expiration dates so old articles can no longer be viewed
- Article templates include advanced article search feature
- Create additional article editor accounts so editors can review articles
· Operating System: Linux ,Windows or Unix
· Web Server: Apache or IIS
· Scripting Language: PHP 4.0 or above
· Database: MySQL 4.0 or above

  • Developer: Omnistar Interactive, LLC.
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Commercial License ($99.95) 
  • Language: Php

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