News Publisher Script

News Publisher Script is a tool to easily and efficiently manage news articles online. No programming required.

Not only do you have the option to add news articles to your site, but you can also optionally allow members to manage their own articles saving you time adding additional value to your website visitors.

Master Administration Features:
- Brandable online control panel
- Master administration control panel
- Uses global administration (skins) used by all of our scripts
- Optionally accept articles from members automatically
- Allow/disallow photos in articles
- Optionally show website addresses on visitors screen
- Four different date formats to choose from
- Site owner can optionally be notified of new events
- Change any article to "Visible" or "Not Visible" to the public
Member Features:
- Brandable online member's control panel
- Manage own personal list of articles
- Add/Remove/Modify articles
- Add photos to articles
- Include email address in articles
- Include website url in articles
- Text/HTML support
Visitor Features:
- View articles by title, author, or by newest/oldest
- Search all articles by key word
- View publication dates

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