Msdropdown v2.3

A normal drop-down list, optgroup or selection box will be styled/skinned into a list where every option in the list has an icon in front of it. Here are some key features of "MSDropDown":
· Fully skinnable
· The original dropdown is safe, so the form post will not be messed up.
· An image can be inserted with the text. Each can have an image.
· The user may covert all combobox as image combobox, may convert by id, multiple ids, or by wild card.
· Its possible to repopulate the data. Can also Enabled/Disabled the dropdown. Now with the object control.
· Almost all events are working.
· JavaScript enabled on client side
· jQuery 1.2.6 or higher
What's New in This Release:
· CSS sprite chrome bug has been fixed.

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