MonoX portal engine is just what it is called, an engine that accepts pluggable modules that peroform some specific task. 

You could think about it as a Rapid Application Development environment for Web site/portal development. And if you think it will require countless hours spent on training, think again: there is no new interfaces and procedures you'll have to learn. Your Web site is your drawing board.

As an administrator, you can see it as any "ordinary" user, but you can also interact with it: move, copy, drag and delete modules by simple point and click/ drag and drop operations. You can query every module about its state and properties, build a user hierarchy, create new templates, edit site texts in-place, and even work with the good old HTML.

One of the coolest properties of this tool is that it can be used to build both small and large Web sites, without any special requirements.

Right out-of-the-box MonoX portal engine supports personalization, data caching (at page and module level), user authentication and authorization, multi-portal environments (unlimited number of portals on the same codebase and database) and localization. It has been used to build e-commerce sites, multi-portal sites for publishing organizations, intranet business applications, e-learning and e-government systems, etc. This site is also built on top of the MonoX. 

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