The admin can attach articles or resources from his Joomla site and send it via newsletter to registered users. Here are some key features of "MightyMassMail":
· Set subject
· Append and prep-end text before send
· Edit dynamically formed letter text
· Set format (text / html)
· Set filters
· Set Sending parameters
· Mail Newsletters to unlimited number of users
· Recurring mass mailing - the same newsletter can be sent multiple amount of times
· Options for every newsletter can be configured individually
· Calculation of newsletter efficiency. Analyze which links the users have clicked in the newsletter
· Set Mass Mail speed (For example: you can send 10 letters every 10 minutes. This helps to avoid spam problems)
· Send newsletters automatically and assign their respective dates
· Attach file to newsletter.
· Joomla 1.5 or higher

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