Media Gallery v2.0

Media Gallery is an advanced online image management solution based on ASP.NET and SQL Server.

It is not just a common web gallery application, but a multipurpose framework which enables you to add a wide range of image management capabilities to your site.
The main difference from most other web galleries is a real multiuser support with division of permissions, visibility of the images, accessibility of different gallery albums/folders, etc.

It may be compared to web forum applications where anonymous users can browse messages, registered users can post them, and moderators can edit or remove improper ones.


Deployment and Management
- True .NET application, no ActiveX, Java, or any other non-.NET modules required to be installed on server.
- Most configurations are made through web interface from administrator section.
- Distributed with source code for code behind classes (VB.NET). Therefore you can make as deep customization as you need. But if you need to modify only gallery design, you don't need to edit the code behind. You will just work with CSS files and ASP.NET controls. So it becomes easy even for those not familiar with ASP.NET programming.
- Does not require any additional client software except browsers. You can optionally use Aurigma Image Uploader™ ActiveX control for mass image uploading though.
- All the modern browsers are supported.
File Management
- Number of files and folders is unlimited.
- No FTP required for adding new files.
gt; gt;Newly uploaded files have to be approved by gallery moderator before they become visible to other users. This can be disabled.
- Files and folders can be safely copied/cut/pasted inside the gallery.
- New folder can be created by users.
- Thumbnails are automatically generated for images and video files.
- Editable description, title, author name, keywords and category for each file.
- EXIF and IPTC data are extracted.
- If you want to deny users access the gallery while you are updating files, you can close the gallery for maintenance.
Advanced Multiple Users Support
- Rich permissions support. User can belong to some groups, etc. Each folder can use different security settings.
- Self-registration for new users.
- Customizable registration fields (can be hidden, required or not).
- Dynamic and context-dependent user interface, no division into admin and user facility. If a user does not have enough permissions for certain features, they are invisible to the user.
User Interface Features
- Send as a postcard feature: user can create a simple postcard based on selected image and send a link to it to someone.
- Email a friend feature: user can send a link to the selected image with his/her comment to someone.
- Images can be browsed in a slide show mode.
- Rating feature. Users can rate the images and see average rating.
- Hits count feature. Users can see how many times the image was browsed.
- Prevention from hits and rating being overstated. Gallery does not allow one user (even anonymous) to rate an image several times and does not count hits more than one time per user.
- Search feature. Both simple and advanced search is available.
- Sorting images by different criteria (date, hits, rating, etc) and direction (ascending, descending).
- Possibility to disable right-click image saving.
International Languages Support
- All text captions are stored in separate resource files. Therefore you can easily translate the gallery to another language. You do not even need to recompile anything.
- You can provide several resource files translated to different languages and quickly switch between these languages.
- Media Gallery is Unicode-compliant. It means that such languages as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. are also supported.
- Files with non-English names are handled correctly too.

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