Mcg Thumbnail Gallery Post

The MCG TGP script is free to download while in BETA phase. MCG Thumbnail Gallery Post is a turn-key adult webmaster solution. Install this script and you have yourself a money making, traffic magnet. Despite it's cost and that it's a new development, MCG TGP is packed with all the features you need to run a successful TGP site.

General Functions & Features:
Import your own galleries, or allow others to post theirs.
Redirect if you'd like, and at the rate you'd like. Full control on how often visitors are redirected to a partners link.
Web based setup script.
MySQL database provides fast results.
IP address of submissions are captured in emails.
Easy to edit templates allows you to effortlessly fit your current design around the script.
Admin Functions & Features:
Easily create/modify/delete Listings.
Web based configuration editor.
Automatic reciprocal link scanning allows you to know if a listing no longer contains a link back.
Automatic broken link scanning keeps your archive clean.
Easily email all listing owners.
Listing do not appear until approved by you.
Web based template editor.
Search reports show you what your visitors are looking for.
Access a constantly updated list of content providers.
Web-based database back-up.
Ban unwanted submitters based on their URL or IP address.
Clean and easy to use admin panel
End User Functions & Features:
Features a clean, simple, navigation.
Randomly rotated galleries keeps things fresh.
Quickly search all galleries.

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