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  • Finding Library Links

    It includes commands for finding all active library links in a model.Also contains the commands for finding disabled, unresolved and parameterized library links. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.9 or higher· Simulink

  • Find_in_models

    The native MATLAB function provides the option to search inside Simulink library links, but doesn't currently give the option to search inside it's model references.This function provides that option.Unlike find_system itself, it can also close block

  • Find Free File-name

    The function finds an unused name of a file in a required directory.The final name of the file consists of a name base appended by n digits (possibly with leading zeros) expressing an order of the new file possessing the same name base.The function i

  • Look4

    The function looks through a database of help files (H1 lines in m-files) for keywords.The function will use as many words as the user wants when performing the search.LOOK4 is very similar to LOOKFOR, except that it searches through a database file

  • Collectcode/filesearch

    The collectcode function performs the search and then concatenates a textfile (codetext.txt) comprising all of the text of every mfile in the path.Filesearch is called as a subset from collectcode and provides recursive OR non-recursive searching for

  • Mfilegrep

    This script can only search files with the '.m' extension.It works similar to the UNIX 'grep' command.Searches can be recursive or non-recursive, and case-sensitive or non-case-sensitive, and can search for whole words or partial words.The result is

  • Mgrep

    Works as the grep tool in the Linux CLI.The interface to mgrep is a property/value pair interface. Its all fully functional as a command or as a function call. Note that property names can be shortened to a single character, and can be provided in an

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