• Compare Structures

    Structured variables are good for organizing and manipulating data, but they are hard to work with when checking for errors or diffs. The function allows each field of a structure to be checked against a corresponding field in a separate structure. H

  • Simple Hill-climbing

    It is a simple algorithm for minimizing the Rosenbrock function, using an iterated hill-climbing tool. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher

  • Class Interface To Mcc Usb-erb24

    The interface is built to work with 24-relay cards, but it would be easy to modify for other series.The code is written in MATLAB's old OOP style, so it will work on pre-2008 releases. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.3 or higher· MATLAB's Data Acqu

  • Csv2cell

    CSV files retrieved from Microsoft Office Excel and mixed data types are translated into an NxM cell array.In this case N is the number of lines in the CSV text and M is the number of fields in thelongest line of the CSV file.Lines are delimited by c

  • Strrepfile

    STRREP stands for "string find and replace".If any changes are made to the content, the file is then saved. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher

  • Automatic Thresholding

    The histogram is segmented into two parts using a starting threshold value such as 0 = 2B-1, half the maximum dynamic range limit.The sample mean (mf,0) of the gray values associated with the foreground pixels and the sample mean (mb,0) of the gray v

  • Octool

    The GUI is an interface to a big collection of MATLAB functions which performs a set of predefined operations.This interface accompanies a paper presented at the Conference of Optimization in the United Arab Emirates on Feb. 2, 2005. Requirements:

  • Windows Mex Setup With Ifort 11.0

    To work properly, the files should be copied in C:\Program Files\Matlab\r20xyz\bin\win32\mexopts, where r20xyz is the MATLAB release, for example be r2008a or r2008b.The two files with the extension .b should be renamed

  • Cell2css

    Data can be used for meta-programming or generating M-files. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher

  • Bloomberg Field Search

    The Bloomberg Datafeed service has over 36000 fields that can be used in the Bloomberg FETCH function.This utility lets you search field names as well as overrides included in the toolbox MAT-File bbfields.mat.For every match it displays the field ca

  • Simscape Probes

    These are probes for use with the Simscape multi-domain physical modeling tools (Simscape, SimHydraulics and SimElectronics) and MATLAB.The ssc_Probes.mdl library file contains probes for viewing the through and across variable for each domain.The ss

  • Spice3_import

    The file is very well commented to provide an easy way to find and modify code if the user's SPICE version isn't working. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.3 or higher

  • Lvm File Import

    LVM is the proprietary format of the National Instruments LabView software and is called LabView Measurement File (LVM, extension .lvm).This m-file, lvm_import.m, reads LVM files and imports the data into the MATLAB workspace.LVM is an ASCII text fil

  • Print With Internet Explorer

    The script will wait for the page to finish loading before issuing the print command.There's an arbitrary 5 second wait after issuing the print before the browser. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher· Internet Explorer

  • Swapbytes C-mex Function

    It was mainly intended for those users with older versions of MATLAB that do not have this intrinsic function available. Here are some key features of "swapbytes C-mex function":It can be also used for:· For structures and cell arrays, each comp

  • Num2strexact

    num2strexact performs a n exact conversion of number to string based on IEEE floating point bit patternThe conversion is done with hundreds of digits of precision to maintain the exact conversion. The conversion uses the exact decimal value of each b

  • Wakimapia

    The tool will take inputted latitude and longitude degrees to open the wakimapia website interface to the specified location. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Database Visualizator

    There are two building modalities random figure or with input. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher

  • Gui Examples Using Nested Functions

    These two examples, which were originally posted in the MATLAB newsgroup comp.soft-sys.matlab, demonstrate how to use the nested function capability of MATLAB 7.0 (R14) and later versions to reduce the number of parameters that need to be passed into

  • Readcluto

    This package includes files to read and write cluto sparse and dense matrix and graph file formats. Everything is packaged into readCluto and writeCluto files. There are two *.c files that need to be "mex"ed to make the sparse matrix operations effic

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