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  • Resize A Batch Of Photos

    Syntax:resizephotos -dir max_width_and_height ,will let you choose a directory, and resize all the photos in the directory.If the max height/width attributes are omitted, 1600px is used.If sub-directories are present, it will ask an user if he wants

  • Col2gray

    It comes with a MATLAB GUI, for loading and saving images. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

  • Simple Watermark Embedding System

    Supported input image formats are JPG and BMP, the output being only in BMP.Images must be in the working directory.The hidden data can be any text. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.9 or higher Limitations:· Currently only images of 400x300px are su

  • Template Matching

    The package holds two functions used in implementing template matching.It works by finding the template image inside the target image using image correlation. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.1.0 or higher· MATLAB's Aerospace Blockset

  • Videocontrol

    The user can create a video object, define acquisition (frames per trigger etc...) and trigger (immediate, manual, hardware) settings, control image properties (contrast, brightness, ROI, auto-gain), acquire frames and movies (.avi), save them and lo

  • Image Compression Using Wavelet

    The code supports both grayscaled and RGB images.Steps:Reading the image.Convertion into grayscale if the image is RGB.Decomposition of images using wavelets for the level N.Selecting and assigning a wavelet for compression.Generating threshold coeff

  • 2-d Median Filtering For Rgb Image

    B = MEDFILT2RGB(A,...) performs median filtering of an RGB image. MEDFILT2RGB uses MEDFILT2 in the HSV color space. If the input is not an RGB image, then the classical median filtering is applied with MEDFILT2.MEDFILT2RGB uses exactly the same

  • Hybrid Median Filtering

    B = HMF(A,N) performs hybrid median filtering of the matrix A using a NxN box.Hybrid median filtering preserves edges better than a NxN square kernel-based median filter because data from different spatial directions are ranked separately.Three media

  • Image Segmentation Using Otsu Thresholding

    The OTSU method outputs an array IDX containing the cluster indices (from 1 to N) of each point.IDX = OTSU(I) uses 2 classes (N=2, default value).   [IDX,sep] = OTSU(I,N) also shows the value (sep) of the separability criteria within the range [

  • Image Credit String

    A line-wrapped image credit string is displayed at the bottom right of an image axes using a small gray font. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.1.0 or higher· Line-wrap a string

  • Image Overlay

    The IMOVERLAY function generates a mask-based image overlay. It takes input image and a binary mask, and it produces an output image whose masked pixels have been replaced by a specified color. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.2 or higher· MATLAB's

  • Imwritesize

    The function imwritesize(A, FILENAME, WIDTH) writes any image A to the specified FILENAME in either TIFF or PNG format.Resolution information is written into the file so that many document and graphics printing applications (e.g., Microsoft Word, Ado

  • Rotate Image

    The direction in which images are being rotated is counter-clockwise.Using linear interpolation of the output grid points from the back-rotated input points, the output image will never have a "blank" point.Format:[out_image_m,out_ref_points_m] = rot

  • Film-like Tone Reproduction Operator

  • Sc

    It can be used in place of IMAGE, IMSHOW and IMAGESC but does so much more.SC is a useful function for displaying rich image data, of use to anyone wishing to visualize and save 2D data in ways beyond that which MATLAB built-in functions allow.It is

  • Total Variation Grayscale And Color Image Denoising

    It uses a combination of various methods like Chambolle's method or the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi total variation (TV) denoising technique. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.5 or higher

  • Weickert's Coherence-enhancing Filter

    It is effective in enhancing fingerprint images or scanned images.The process removes noise and closes small gaps in the ridges while leaving the locations of minutiae points unchanged.B = COHERENCEFILTER(A,T) applies the coherence-enhancing filter t

  • Tvreg: Variational Imaging Methods

    For image restoration problems, three different noise models are supported: additive white Gaussian noise (traditional L2 data fidelity), impulsive noise (L1 data fidelity), and Poisson.The problems can be solved using the recent split Bregman method

  • Animated Gif

    This code should help developers learn or acquire a coding technique for this task. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.7 or higher· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

  • Gray Image To Color Image Conversion

    The conversion is based on color image submissions along with input gray image. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.5 or higher· MATLAB's Image Processing Toolbox

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