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  • Layerplot

    It is an improvement on features provided by the plotyy function.It can be used in cases where plotyy can't.Like if the target axes is a child of a uipanel.layerplot enables to plot two y-axis in the same figure and easily setup the corresponding axi

  • Simple Plot, Zoom And Fft Gui

    It is a GUI application to select and graphically present a Simulink output file or workspace variable, m-file outputs or oscilloscope data. Requirements:· MATLAB 7 or higher· Simulink

  • Myaxis

    The user must estimate the input not exceed the figure size.This function is similar to the subplot(row,col,i). Requirements:· MATLAB 6.5 or higher

  • Spider Plot Tool

    Spider plots are also known as radar charts. Permits independent or global axis limit controls as well as axis labeling and data set labeling.Allows for the plot axes to be specified.A minimum of three axis data must be specified for a radar plot to

  • Shade Area Between Two Curves

    It will perform graphics shades to the area of a 2-D plot between two user defined vectors.The user has to pass the two vectors inside the config, and their corresponding horizontal coordinates.He then must select his desired fill color and transpare

  • Plotdatetime

    Actual dates are shown on the upper part of a graph (not the axis) to give a way to detect what really happened to the values and the behavior of the function during a period of time.It can handle a wide range of plot time series and formats.On the X

  • Shaded Area Plot

    SHADEDPLOT draws two lines on a plot and shades the area between those lines.Users are permitted to choose the color of the lines and the fill area. The SHADEDPLOT function is simple and basic. Error checking on the inputs is not performed.Handles to

  • Custom Data Cursor

    If enabled, the data cursor mode (DATACURSORMODE ON), clicking on a data point will reveal the custom label, then the x and y values of the data point.If more than one data point of the data series is in the same location, the data cursor will displa

  • Makedatatip

    A tooltip will be shown if whenever the user hovers his mouse over a figure. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.5 or higher

  • Customizable Heat Maps

    The HEATMAP function shows a matrix as an image whose color intensities reflect the magnitude of its values, simulating a heatmap table. Here are some key features of "Customizable Heat Maps":· X- and Y-axes tick labels· Text labels· C

  • Clickablelegend

    clickableLegend is a wrapper around the LEGEND function that provides the added functionality to turn on and off (hide or show) a graphics object (line or patch) by clicking on its text label in the legend.The function can be used the same as the LEG

  • Intelligent Dynamic Date Ticks

    The DYNAMICDATETICKS function is a wrapper around DATETICK which generates dynamic date tick labels for MATLAB figures with dates on the X-axis.Usage:dynamicDateTicks() -  makes the current axes a date axes with dynamic properties.dynamicDateTic

  • Bvgraph

    The bvgraph class makes working with enormous graph adjacency matrices in Matlab a snap.The class implements an interface to BVGraph files that emulates a Matlab sparse matrix.The goal of the library is to support computing PageRank with a 1 billion

  • Fixfig

    MATLAB's default settings for figures (plots) are for small fonts and thin lines.This is fine for quickly evaluating data, but these figures are unreadable when used in an on-screen presentation such as a Powerpoint slide set.FIXFIG takes an existing

  • Mouse-friendly Figure

    The function will build more user friendly MATLAB figures with GUI functionalities. Here are some key features of "Mouse-friendly FIGURE":Mouse button functionality:· Scroll: zoom in/out· Left click: pan· Double click: reset view to de

  • Create_hyperbola

    The function receives 6 parameters which define a general hyperbola.These are:- 4 basic parameters (a,b,x0,y0) which define one of the 2 hyperbola equations- hyperbola type which defines which of the equations to use- orientation degree (in radian) f

  • Plot Arrowhead

    The plot_arrow command plots an arrow to the current line plot.All the elements of the arrowhead can be set through the function's input options. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher

  • Print_eps

    PRINT_EPS requires only an optional figure handle and a target file name.The output eps is exactly the size and layout of the figure on the screen.Additionally, line styles for dotted and dashed lines are improved for clarity, along with grid lines,

  • Print_pdf

    MATLAB's default options provide no cropping, inaccurate vector graphics (including nasty dashed lines which don't resemble those in the original figure) and highly compressed, blocky bitmap graphics.PRINT_PDF overcomes these issues (albeit generatin

  • Print2im

    PRINT2IM outputs a rasterized figure to an array or image file, with anti-aliased graphics, transparent background and borders cropped.It takes an optional target filename and/or output variable, and an optional figure handle.Transparency of the back

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