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  • Backup And Sync

    Besides simple backups, history states are enabled, so the user can go back in time by reverting certain back-ups and changes.By default, it will make a directory named with today's date in a backup (preset location) folder.This will backup all the m

  • Excel File Reader

    Methods to retrieve only the numbers, text, or raw cell content are included.Multiple sheets are listed by sheet name. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.10 or higher Limitations:· Large Excel files can crash MATLAB.

  • Creating Function Files With A Header Template

    In addition, it inserts information related to the author of the file: username, display name, computer name, windows version, and the time stamp.It is possible to append function code at the function m-file creation time as well. Requirements:·

  • Excelwrapper

    It supports handling an Excel sheet inside a MATLAB class. Here are some key features of "ExcelWrapper":· Launching an Excel Sheet in Foreground or in Background· Save the workbook· Run a macro· Assign a range· Refresh workbo

  • Calculation Of Intermediate Nodes Of A Reaction Route Graph

    It takes a chemical's reaction stoichiometric matrix as the input and returns the intermediate nodes in terms of all the possible combination of p-(q-1) reaction steps. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.8 or higher· Reaction Routes

  • Check Whether Mex File Is Compiled For System

    It can also follow the file and see if the source modifies since the last compilation. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.9 or higher

  • Squeezefile

    The function scans a text file and, if necessary, rewrites it to remove all useless ending blanks.It also allows to adjust the starting spaces/tabs before each line.The script can be integrated into applications which generate text files, to make the

  • Bem Code For 2d Pulsating Cylinder

    This code is for calculating solid angle C, surface pressure ps, and field pressure pf coming out from a pulsating cylinder with radius of r and normal velocity vn in an unbounded two dimensional acoustic domain using the solution of Helmholtz Integr

  • Explorer.m

    The user needs to enter the directory to open, optionally showing the folder hierarchy.The Windows Explorer is opened in one of two modes: either in the "Explorer from here" mode with the Folder hierarchy visible and its root at the specified directo

  • Exporttozip55

    Files inside MATLAB's native toolbox folder are not exported.The function "mydepfun" determines the dependencies of an M-file, ignoring files inside the MATLAB "toolbox" directory. Skipping these files gives significant performance improvements over

  • Saveas2 1.1

    This function is a modification of SAVE2PDF by Gabe Hoffmann.It saves the current (or specified handle's) figure to the given filename (if not given, it displays a gui to introduce it). If the image extension is not valid or 'unknown' it also display

  • Display Mat Files

    The function is named dispmat and displays contents of selected variables from MAT files in the current folder.The function is user-friendly. It displays a list of all mat-files, the user may select a file.Then the function displays a list of variabl

  • Select Path And Filename

    The function puts names of directory and file into variables which may be used later for handling with the selected file. It is beneficial in cases when searching files for processing by browsing a directory tree.The function starts in a chosen point

  • Ffpath

    The function browses very fast current directory and directories known in 'matlabpath' and the system variable 'path'.It looks for the file name of which is mentioned in the input argument 'fname'.If a directory is found, the output argument pth is f

  • Fmfiles

    The files are searched in the working directory, Matlab path and the system path.The items are separated by comas. Files not found will be displayed in an error message output.If no function is missing, no error interruption is present.The function c

  • Open And Close A Job

    The package contains two functions, openjob and closejob.The function openjob, enables to browse tree of data files, find and pick a required data file for processing, start recording and return the path and filename of a selected file.The function c

  • Getfile

    The moved file must be on the MATLAB path.Usage:GETFILE filename places a copy of filename in the current directory.  filename must be on the MATLAB path. This is easier than using  COPYFILE because you don't need to specify the path to the

  • Goback

    It will take the user to the previous directory he was on. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.0.1 or higher

  • Goto

    The command that does this is "GOTO filename", which changes MATLAB current directory to the one containing filename.filename must be on the MATLAB path. goto uses the first instance of filename that it finds (a la WHICH). Requirements:· MATLAB

  • Disk Usage

    The user can select a folder or hard-drive partition and the script will automatically list all sub-folders and their respective size.It also summarizes the total number of folders, files and bytes beneath the top level folder. Requirements:· MA

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