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  • Jsonlab 0.9.1

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format. This toolbox allows Matlab/Octave apps to parse and render data in JSON format, and international file format used for interchanging data between different environments.It can be

  • Gmail

    Before using, some settings must be made in the configuration file.Documentation included. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.11 or higher Limitations:· It is not ultra-secure but at least the password is not saved in a plain text file.

  • Htmlbarh

    HTMLBARH(DATA,FILENAME,LABELS,WIDTH) writes DATA out to FILENAME as an HTML fragment that creates a horizontal stacked bar graph labeled with the cell array LABELS.WIDTH scales the bar graph to be so many pixels wide.It will return the full pathname

  • Xml4mat v2.0

    A markup language was defined to support string representation of any MATLAB variable.Imports of any XML structure are supported through additional m-functions.The final picture: any XML --> MbML <--> MATLAB. Requirements:· MATLAB

  • Json4mat

    Advanced and complete documentation is provided with the project. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.10 or higher

  • Assertion Function

    It's similar to the "assert" command in C.

  • Xml Utilities For Matlab 6.1

    XML reading/writing/transforming can be called within Java method calls. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.1 or higher

  • Printing Matlab Errors

    Following the long-awaited addition to MATLAB of a mechanism for retrieving the call stack at the time of the last error it is now possible to find out where in the code the error occurred even when an error has been caught by a "catch" statement.How

  • Matlab Xunit Test Framework

    MATLAB xUnit is designed to be easy to use for MATLAB users with a wide range of experience.Users can write tests using ordinary MATLAB function files that are very simple in structure.MATLAB xUnit comes with extensive documentation that ranges in sc

  • Dicom Debug Utility

    DICOM is a rather complicated format. The DICOMINFO and DICOMREAD functions provide easy access to the data in DICOM-formatted files, but it can be difficult to know why and where the DICOM parser fails for improperly formatted files.These files must

  • Fortran Mex Routine Mxgetclassname

    This is a replacement for the problematic MATLAB-native mxGetClassName routine for Fortran.The syntax and description is similar to The Mathworks documentation, except that this drop-in replacement routine returns a fixed 128 length character string.

  • Fortran 95 Interface To Matlab Api

    This is a clean Fortran 95 interface to the MATLAB API routines.A complete interface to existing MATLAB API functions (eng, mat, mex, mx), as well as dozens of powerful new routines that work with assumed shape Fortran Pointers.Functions available:-

  • Fingerprint Recognition System 5.1

    It can be used to build security systems, authentication software, police investigation tools and more. Here are some key features of "Fingerprint Recognition System":· An improved algorithm used in fingerprint matching, highly recommended for h

  • Missingsemicolons

    The script returns using 'linevals' a structure containing the line numbers and the lines that are likely candidates for missing terminal semicolon.Lines commencing with keywords that typically do not produce an output at the command line (e.g., 'if'

  • Qplot

    It can create 2D or 3D graphics.he graphs, then, can be further manipulated in the MATLAB figure window. It can read text or Excel files. An example data file (Excel) is included. It can interpolate 3D data presented in 3 columns (X-Y-Z) to a grid, t

  • Automatic Htm Documentation

    It will automatically produce documentation in HTML format from a list of .m files within a folder. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher

  • Datatable

    It can export data into these kind of table formats: HTML, Wiki, Latex, and plain text. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher

  • Myxmlwrite

    The default command XMLwrite causes unnecessary line breakes or white spaces to be added to the XML file.This function eliminates thosenegative effects and returns 0 is succesful or 1 if not. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.7 or higher

  • Isrow Iscol

    the names say it all... reallyno need to ponderisrow(v) returns true if v is a row-vector and false otherwiseiscol(v) returns true if v is a column-vector and false otherwisethis is a highly optimized software package Requirements:· MATLAB Relea

  • Str2cell

    help str2cellc = str2cell(v)c = str2cell(v,delim[s])creates a cell array C from input vector V.places segments of V seperated by delimiterDELIM into separate cells of C.see also: CELLSTRv : a string/vector of a ML supported data classdelim : array of

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