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  • Wifi Rssi With Ndis Protocol

    It only works with RSSI signals from an 802.3 adapter (WiFi) for Windows systems with NDIS protocol.It requiered a fresh install of a NDISPROT miniport driver.Tested with Windows XP SP2 only. Should be adapted for Windows XP SP1. Requirements:·

  • Particle Filter For Robot Localization Using Wifi Measurements

    All WiFi measurements are modeled by a Ray-Tracing engine allowing up to 3 walls' reflection.The particle filter will help to correct odometry mesurements of the non-holonomoc robot trajectory. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.5 or higher

  • Series To Parallel

    It reduces the time needed for series to parallel transformations. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher· MATLAB's Communications Toolbox

  • Parallel To Series

    It reduces the time needed for parallel to series transformations. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher· MATLAB's Communications Toolbox

  • Uk Postcode To Lat/long For Gps

    UK postal codes can be transformed into latitude and longitude coordinates useful in GPS postal code searches. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.5 or higher

  • Function To Generate Ovsf Code

    OVSF code is used in wireless transmission to combine two messages having different data rates in an orthogonal manner. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.6 or higher

  • Cellular Traffic Calculation

    I can also calculate the number of transmitters in each area. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.4 or higher

  • Autotunerpid Toolkit

    The AutotunerPID Toolkit allows to experiment with well established tuning methods and compare the results of different methods a posteriori.The AutotunerPID Toolkit simulates a single SISO control loop. The main component of the Toolkit is a Simulin

  • Robust Control Design Of The Mass/damper/spring

    This collection contains M-files intended for design of the Mass/Damper/Spring control system using the newly available functions from Robust Control Toolbox,version 3. The book also presents other 5 case studies including robust control systems desi

  • Sd Toolbox

    This toolbox includes a complete set of blocks implemented in the Simulink environment, which allows designers to perform time-domain behavioral simulations of switched-capacitor sigma-delta modulators.The proposed set of blocks takes into account mo

  • Pid_controller

    This simple program help you to calculate parameters for a pid controller for first order systems wiith delay using different method: Ziegler Nichols,Cohen coon,IMC Requirements:· MATLAB Release: R13· Control System Toolbox

  • Mimo Toolbox

    The functions are capable of handling the multivariable input-output scheme.The MIMO Toolbox was developed for Matlab 7. The GUI, icdtool, is a MIMO design utility based on Individual Channel design for 2x2 systems. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.1 or

  • Dc Motor Model

    The files include a Simulink library with two different models, modeled with basic Simulink blocks, with different details. The more detailed one includes more outputs like motor temperature and power.There is also another model based of the physical

  • Highpoint

    High point is an m-file that calculates the highest point in a ground profile for communications purposes. Requirements:· MATLAB Release: R11

  • Xmitlnlength

    Transmission line length formula for coaxial cable to an antenna(the velocity factor for coax is approximately 0.66)frequency is in Mhz,length is in feet. Requirements:· MATLAB Release: R13

  • Ibraim And Parsons Model

    This file permits the calculation of the path loss in g Ibraim and Parsons modeland Parsons model. Requirements:· MATLAB Release: R10

  • Converter For S, Z, Y

    SZYconv is a quick 1-port 1-value S-parameter converter it converts between any 2 of GAMMAIN, Z, Y in either MA or RI using graphical or text input/output; it will also output VSWR and RL Requirements:· MATLAB Release: R10

  • Soft Handover Probability As A Function

    This simple m-file plots the Soft Handover probability as a function of the Soft Handover Threshold value used in the UTRA Soft Handover Algorithm. The relationship has been dertived by taking the ratio between the Cell area where Soft Handovers are

  • Edwards And Durkin Model

    This model permits the path loss calculation using Edwards and Durkins model. Requirements:· MATLAB Release: R10

  • Binary To Decimal

    Converts binary data of any format in a string to floating point decimal of a defined fraction size.The "intsize" input parameter defines the size of the exponent and sets the fixed point location in the binary number. se accompani for test program f

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