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  • Convert An Amount Of Seconds To Human Readable String(s)

    This function converts a (usually large) amount of seconds to human-readable string. For example: str = seconds2human(1463456.3) str =  'About 2 weeks and 2 days.'The function may be called with a second input argument, either 'short'

  • Dateconvert

    The script converts the DATESTR(0) format to a serial date or date vector format and vice versa.A test routine TestDateVec is included to compare results and speed. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

  • Datevecfix 2.0

    This program is the same as DATEVEC but rounds the seconds, so, eliminates the problem with the 60 seconds not rounded value.It uses DATAVEC, which introduces delays while checking the date components. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.7 or higher

  • Timestr

    The input is timestr(D), where D is a serial date number (as returned by DATENUM).TIMESTR(D,precision) uses precision values to the right of the decimal. Requirements:· MATLAB 6.5 or higher

  • Time Index

    The returned index value is in relative days which is suitable for DATENUM math.To work in hours multiply by 24, for seconds multiply by 24*3600, etc..For multiple time values the input can be a cell array of strings.The result is the same size/shape

  • Clock

    It will retrieve local time and display it inside a MATLAB window. Requirements:· MATLAB 7.1.0 or higher

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