Matlab Progress Bar

This zip file contain 3 files:
progressbar.m - the progress bar
gui_active.m - polling function to be used in the runnig application (optional)
gauge_abort_icon.mat - the icon on the button (optional button)
place 3 files in the same folder, and let MATLAB "know" it's path.
you can create as many progressbars as you want, and update each of them using a unique handle.
if a progress bar is closed using the "X" button on the upper-right corner of the progressbar, the function will create it again with it's same state, see example below (use copy-paste)
progressbar - shows a progress bar dialog based on the function "waitbar"
Format: handle = progressbar( handle,increment [,string,titlestr] )
Input: handle - handle to current progress bar, [] for a new one increment - a fraction (0..1) to increment by.
(-1) signals the function to remove the handle from the persistant list and close the progressbar
string - a string to be replaced in the progress bar (optional)
titlestr - a title for the dialog box (optional)
Output: handle - a graphic handle of the dialog box
NOTE: this function uses a persistant list of handles and thier values.
therefore, to delete a progressbar, please call the function with: 
progressbar( handle,-1 );
an "abort" button is formed inside the progressbar, if the calling process uses the persistent function "gui_active". when the "abort" button is pressed, the Callback function "gui_active" changes it's value to zero, which enables the application to interactively stop execution
Example: gui_active(1); % will add an abort button
h = progressbar( [],0,'my test' );
max_count = 1e 3;
for idx = 1:max_count
fprintf( '%d',idx )';
h = progressbar( h,1/max_count );
if ~gui_active
progressbar( h,-1 );  Requirements:
· MATLAB Release: R12.1

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