• Ekg Qrs Detection Algorithm

    The signal used is with a 200Hz sampling frequency.This includes the following: lowpass (cutoff frequency ~11Hz) and highpass (cutoff frequency ~5Hz) digital IIR integer filters; digital differentiator; squaring function; digital moving window integr

  • The Nusselt Problem

    This problem is similar to the Graetz problem where the velocity profile is laminar. Axial conduction is ignored.The determined temperature profile obtained at different local residence times is the same results as the one obtained using NDSolve. Req

  • The Cima Reaction

    Two cases are studied by varying the parameter called b.Sustained oscillation is obtained in the first case. While in the second case gets a stable steady state. Requirements:· Mathematica 5.2 or higher

  • Langmuir Hinshelwood Mechanism

    This notebook will calculate rate expressions for reactions involving, surface reaction, adsorption and desorption for catalyst pellets.    The computation assumes that one step is the rate limiting step while the others are at equilib

  • Wei-prater Mechanism

    It calculates the reaction paths in three-species reaction mixtures and generates a graph for these paths.    This problem was first treated by Wei and Prater.Applications of this problem include butene isomerization. Requirements:

  • The Semenov Model

    This model shows multiple steady states for some values of the gamma parameter.The steady states of this ODE as a function of this parameter can be found.Two methods are used for this purpose: the ImplicitPlot and the arc length continuation method.B

  • The Forced Duffing Oscillator

    The forced duffing oscillator presents various nonlinear dynamics behaviors ranging from limit cycles to chaos.When the periodic force driving the system is large, we get chaotic behavior and a strange attractor.The system’s behavior is sensiti

  • Tsunami Propagation

    It contains equations and calculus for wave motions and behavior. Requirements:· Mathematica 6 or higher

  • Basics Of Non-linear Dynamics

    Samples of numerical solution of discrete difference equations and of symbolic solution of systems of linear differential equations by the Transmission Matrix Method can be found in the download package.It provides full real solutions and direct impl

  • Famous Fractals

    It holds the Tree Fractal in two dimensions, rhe Tree Fractal in three dimensions, the Mandelbrot Fractal, the Koch Fractal and finally the Gasket Fractal. Requirements:· Mathematica

  • Interference And Diffraction Patterns

    It provides the basic knowledgebase for wave motions. Requirements:· Mathematica

  • A Simple Mesh Generator In Mathematica

    The final goal is to create the algorithm executable in Mathematica so that its users can also experiment with the algorithm outside MATLAB. Requirements:· Mathematica 5.0 or higher· MATLAB

  • Interfacing Hardware With Mathematica

    It shows how to do external hardware interactions through the digital input/output ports of a PC.This ability in most part is due to its inherent "Link" technology, especially the .NetLink coming with the latest version of Mathematica that allows to

  • Circuit Components

    Installation and usage instructions are provided with the downloadable package. Requirements:· Mathematica

  • Pendulum Phase Space Plot

    The simple pendulum problem in mechanics can be solved using the Sn Jacobi Elliptic function.This notebook makes plots of the phase space of the system using the Sn Jacobi Elliptic function.The nicer plot is the phase space plotted over the surface o

  • Beam Frequencies Package

    The module FrequencyEQ derives the characteristic equation in symbolic form for a given set of boundary conditions, which may include lateral linear spring support, torsional spring, attached point mass, or attached rotary inertia.The frequency modul

  • Animated Solutions To The Wave Equation On A Disk

    It is a notebook for making animations for LiveGraphics3D.Includes a sample web page where the reader can choose which solution to display.

  • Paley's Construction Of Hadamard Matrices

    m = 2^e * (q^n + 1) where q is an odd prime, n is a positive integer, and e is any positive integer such that Mod[m, 4] = 0.The construction algorithm proposed by Paley in 1933 was used. Requirements:· Mathematica package Limitations:· The

  • Mohr's Circle And Principal Stresses In Two-dimensional Stress Analysis

    It also shows the principal stress element orientation with respect to the given stress element, and prints out the angles defining the principal directions, numerical values of principal stresses and maximum shear stresses.All output is graphical. R

  • Elastic Pendulum

    Equations of motion for specific cycles of an elastic pendulum are ported to Mathematica. Requirements:· Mathematica 2.2 or higher

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