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  • Eulisp 0.991

    EuLisp is a single-valued dialect of Lisp with an integrated object system.It also contains a defined meta-object protocol, modules and a simple lightweight process mechanism (threads).The package contains the Youtoo, EuXLisp and Eu2C implementations

  • Lush 2.0 Beta 2

    Lush is designed to be used in situations where one would want to combine the flexibility of a high-level, weakly-typed interpreted language, with the efficiency of a strongly-typed, natively-compiled language, and with the easy integration of code w

  • Rdnzl 0.12.2

    It's a foreign function interface for .NET languages, similar to the way C# was built atop the C interface.Installation:1. Put the file 'RDNZL.dll' somewhere where Lisp can find it.2. Load the file 'load.lisp'. This should compile and load RDNZL on m

  • Cl-libxml2 0.3.1

    This library can be used in any other project as a simple include thanks to its general functions. Here are some key features of "CL-libxml2":· Interfaces for tree manipulation (like cxml-stp)· Interface for an HTML 4.0 non-verifying parser

  • Clozure Cl 1.3

    All releases are available in 32- and 64-bit versions.It works with Mac OS X (PowerPC and x86), Linux (PowerPC and x86), FreeBSD (x86), Solaris (x86) and Microsoft Windows (x86).This project formerly known as OpenMCL. Here are some key features of "C

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