Lib_mysqludf_xql v1.0.0

lib_mysqludf_xql (or lib_mysqludf_xml) interprets SQL queries and transforms the output directly to XML format.
This is important because it allows developers to skip a development step and create XML documents directly from the MySQL database, instead of using a server-side programming language like PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc..
Usage instructions are included with the download package.
lib_mysqludf_xql was directly influenced and modeled after the SQL/XML feature in MSSQL and Oracle databases.
What's New in This Release:
· Put headers in mysqludf.h.
· Put helper functions in own source file
· Don't declare ntargs[args->length] as array, but malloc instead.
· Make mrproper also cleans test directory.
· Set the libdir to the mysql plugin dir by default (can stil be changed with --libdir=).
· Considering the library stable.

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