Kpresenter v1.6.3

KPresenter is a presentation application.

With KPresenter, you can prepare a set of slides for use in an on-screen slideshow or for printing. Your slides can include text and graphics in a variety of formats, and of course, you can embed all sorts of objects.

Its features include:
- support for the standard OASIS OpenDocument file format
- inserting and editing rich text (with bullet points, indentation, spacing, colors, fonts, etc.);
- embedding images and clip-art (.wmf files);
- inserting auto-forms;
- setting many object properties (background, many types of gradients, pen, shadow, rotation, object specific settings, etc.);
- working with objects (resizing, moving, lowering, raising, etc.);
- grouping/ungrouping objects;
- headers/footers;
- advanced undo/redo;
- setting background (color, gradients, pictures, clip-arts, etc.);
- assigning effects for animating objects and defining effects for changing slides;
- playing screen presentations with effects;
- print as PostScript;
- creating HTML slideshows with a few mouse clicks;
- templates (pre- and user-defined);
- using XML as the document format;
- a Presentations Structure Viewer

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