Jbrout v0.2

jBrout is a photo manager, written in python/pygtk under the GPL licence. It's cross-platform, and has been tested on GNU/linux and windows XP/2k.

jBrout is able to :
- manage albums/photos (= folders/files)
- tag photos with IPTC keywords
- use internal jpeg thumbnail
- comment photos (with jpeg comment) and album (textfile in folder)
- rotate loss-less jpeg (and internal jpeg thumbnail)
- use EXIF info (date, size ..)
- search pictures (tags, comment, date, ...)
- use plugins (to export to html/gallery, to act like a httpserver, to export pictures to be mailed, ...)
- work without database ! (just a xmlfile which can be rebuild from scratch)
- handle a lot of photos (more than 20000)
- export to a flickr account, to a picasaweb account
- use a basket system to pick some photos
- can be localized (French and english version)
jBrout doesn't use a database to handle your pictures ! It just uses a xml file to handle your tags ! The albums/pictures are managed like folders/files.

All information that could be used in the interface are stored in your pictures :
- tags (as IPTC keywords, in the picture)
- dates (as EXIF tags, in the picture)
- comments ( as JPEG comment, in the picture)
- album comments ( as a text file in the folder of the picture)
- thumbnails ( as EXIF internal thumbnail, in the picture)
In fact, it uses an xml file to handle your pictures, but this FILE can be rebuilt from scratch at anytime, because all informations are in your filesystem, not in a database.

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