Jbatchupload v2.4

End-user can select many files and folders with subfolders from a file chooser or through drag and drop.
The add-on works on the top of JFileUpload applet, so this way files can be uploaded either to a web server or a ftp server.  Broken uploads can be resumed.
JBatchUpload includes all main features of JFileUpload (on-fly compression, resume, recursive folders, large upload, filtering, cross browsers support and more).

Here are some key features of "JBatchUpload":
· Files and folders selection.
· Pop-up to remove items.
· Drag and drop support.
· Copy/paste selection from clipboard.
· Sortable colums by filename, size, date.
· Select file(s), start and cancel buttons.
· Upload progress bar with transfer info.
· Additional transfer info (time remaining, speed).
· Customizable UI (Tooltips, columns, alignment, colors, buttons).
· Native look and feel support.
· Files and folders icons.
· JFileUpload 2.4
What's New in This Release:
· Resources and transfer UI resources are now optional.

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