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  • Demarcate.js 1.1.4

    demarcate.js allows users to style text using Markdown syntax and the help of a toolbar, and then converts it to normal HTML which can be embedded in any Web page.Instead of a formatting textarea, demarcate.js uses editable page sections, blending cl

  • Scribe 0.1.6

    Scribe is not like any other regular WYSIWYG editor. It's ugly, it has no default skin, and is not user friendly in any way.But if you take the time to style and add it to your projects, you can rest assured you have a solid text formatting solution

  • Jquery Notebook 0.5.0

    jQuery Notebook was developed to be a simple port of the rich text editor.Most of the native Medium editor features are supported with jQuery Notebook as well, allowing developers to deploy a similar WYSIWYG tool for their sites as the one

  • Froala Editor 1.1.3

    WYSIWYG are bulky chunks of code that allow users to format text inside their browsers just like they'd do with desktop software like Word or OpenOffice.Most of them work by transforming a simple textarea into a fully-blown text formatting section, w

  • Bootstrap Markdown 2.3.1 / 1.1.4

    Bootstrap Markdown works just like any other Markdown WYSIWYG editor, only it is specifically wrapped and packaged to work properly inside a Bootstrap-powered application.It also relies on the Bootstrap CSS, so it won't work without it at all.The edi

  • Jquery.markbar 1.0

    jQuery.Markbar works just like any other RTE (Rich Text Editor), overtaking a textarea and adding a formatting toolbar on top.jQuery.Markbar previews entered text in real-time, based on what buttons a user pushes to format it.The buttons on the toolb

  • Medium Editor 1.8.0

    Modeled after the in-page editing toolkit provided by to their editors, the Medium Editor will allow anyone to use a similar technology for editing the content of their page without relying on a bulky RTE that most of the time slow down pa

  • Infinite-proteus 0.2.0

    infinite-proteus should be pretty useful for textareas where users generally paste anything from simple raw text, to rich-formatted paragraphs and even code snippets.infinite-proteus will also remember the last editor used, on a per-textarea basis, i

  • Stackedit 3.1.12

    StackEdit uses Markdown to style text and is widely based on the PageDown editor. Besides just editing local files, it is also integrated with various document cloud storage services, helping users boost productivity by skipping the act of downloadin

  • Sceditor 1.4.4

    SCEditor is one of the best BBCode editors around, allowing programmers to use it with their input areas for providing a better text formatting experience.Nothing makes it stand apart from other WYSIWYG editors, but it's underlying code, which mainly

  • Seditor

    SEditor transforms a normal textarea into a feature-rich text editor, with a toolbar full of controls for editing the text format and inserting new content like links and images.SEditor uses BBCode to style the text and when submitting the page it tr

  • Dillinger 2.0

    Dillinger is not just a WYSIWYG rich text editor, it's a complete text editing solution that can run on the Web.It's setup is simple, coming with a writing panel on the left for Markdown syntax, and another panel on the right side where the text is p

  • Popline 0.0.1

    Popline allows users to edit text with the help of a floating formatting toolbar.This toolbar appears only when a text is selected, and provides relevant options, based on the selected text.Besides the "Edit" mode, a "View" mode is also included for

  • Wysihtml5 Enhanced

    WYSIHTML5 is an HTML 5-based WYSIWYG editor which allows users to edit content inside a textarea using a simple controls toolbar. The new features added in WYSIHTML5 Enhanced are: support for Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome integration, Jcrop image p

  • Wytiwym-editor

    wytiwym-editor stands for "What You Type Is What You Mean."As its name hints, wytiwym-editor is a little bit different from classic WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors.The editor leaves the writer to his text, showing styling controls only

  • Jquery Markdown Editor

    Not a fully blown WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, more like a WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) editor, the plugin was created following design principles used on StackOverflow's comment form.For now "jQuery Markdown editor" only

  • Jquery Classyedit 1.1.0

    jQuery ClassyEdit can be used to add a small rich text editor instead of your ol' classical textarea field.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "jQuery ClassyEdit":· Hides WYSIWYG buttons when textarea is u

  • Editor 0.1.0

    Editor is a WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) editor for Web pages.Instead of just beautifying text via HTML, Editor is modeled to add the proper Markdown syntax to the text, which later can be copy-pasted to a Markdown enabled Web page.Under t

  • Zenpen

    ZenPen provides a way to edit text online via the new HTML5 contenteditable attribute.After all the edits have been done, all page changes are saved client-side via localStorage.Besides just basic text editing, some formatting options are also suppor

  • Markupeditor

    MarkupEditor takes text formatted in a markup language and converts it into embeddable blocks of HTML code.It works on the well-known model of replacing a regular textarea, with a feature rich formatting toolbar that can be used to stylize typed in t

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