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  • Riveted 0.3

    While Google Analytics can calculate this metric by default, Riveted features a finely tuned solution that does this at a much greater accuracy.This is done by detecting and sniffing for user interactions like mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, etc.

  • Reportr 2.1.0

    Reportr allows a developer to track various details about his life, both real-life and online activities.Using a simple tracking API, Reportr can record various events, gather data and present it for review using simple charts, maps and tables.Report

  • Status.js 0.2.0

    Status.js includes a collection of tools like:- broken link checker- XML sitemap generator- site structure node graphThese tools can be used by webmasters to analyze the health of their website, detect and fix broken links.Installation:Put the status

  • Visulate

    Visulate was created for Apache Traffic Server cluster installations with log collation enabled (collect all logs from all clusters in one single place).Visulate will interpret collected data and display it in a chart using the highly regarded D3.js

  • Jquery Google Analytics 0.0.3

    The 'jQuery Google Analytics' plugin allows an easier way to track page views and certain events.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.8 or higher Limitations:· No docu

  • Nodechecker 0.0.1

    node.Check can be used to check, save and track data about various events and actions.From pings, to server statuses and to a piece of code's results, if it has a quantifiable output, nodeCheck logs it and plots it using simple pie and line charts. R

  • Jquery Outbound Analytics 0.1.3

    Can track either all link usage details or just the ones inside a page area.This is done by passing a simple jQuery selector of the desired section. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.5 or higher What's New in This R

  • Jquery Scroll Depth v0.1.2

    All recorded data can be sent for storage to a Google Analytics account.0% means simple page load, while 100% means the bottom of the page has been reached.Tested and working with most modern browsers and a few mobile ones. Requirements:· JavaSc

  • Firstimpression.js v0.1

    Under the hood, it checks the user's cookies for previous site visits.It's not big but can be used in many various applications which depend on this important detail. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Heatmap.js 1.0

    It draws heatmaps in real-time using the HTML 5 canvas element. By default, hot spots are shown with a red coloring, while areas that did not get any attention are left transparent.Tested and working with Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 10, Safari 5, Opera 11 a

  • Getting Location From Ip

    Can retrieve user info using the Maxmind database, using the jsonip.appspot & ip.location service, using table geo.places & jsonip.appspot and using the YQLGeo Library.The app is completely pure JavaScript driven. Here are some key features of "Getti

  • Heatmap 0.4

    The script allows webmasters to detect, load, save, and render user mouse clicks on any surface. User clicks can be saved and loaded via AJAX.HeatMap should be initialized during the DOMReady event. The scrip can be applied to track the entire page,

  • Gawrapper 1.0.0

    GAWrapper is utilizing the Async usage of the Google API.Developers can track page views and also register click event tracking.This allows them to better understand how their visitors interact with the site. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on

  • Stackoverflow Counter

    Written in JavaScript, Ruby and Shell code, it can filter statistics by tags and categories. Here are some key features of "StackOverflow Counter":· Comment count· Answers count· Questions count Requirements:· JavaScript enabled o

  • Google Analytics Js v1

    The function can be called multiple times, so it can be a conditional call or used to track Ajax requests within a page.Usage:gaTrack('UA-123456', '', '/js/script.js'); Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Janalytics 1.1

    The tool will authenticate the user on the Google Analytics service and retrieve the desired XML reports. What's New in This Release: · Login update· New reports· WebmasterTools

  • Geo-location-javascript 0.1

    It uses the Google Maps API and has mobile integration features for iPhone's OSs and Google's Android OS. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Personal Counter

    This personal counter tallies and displays the number of visits effectuated by the current visitor to your page. Uses cookies to accomplish the task. The script is very easy to install, use and customize.

  • Jscript Hit Counter 1.0

    JScript Hit Counter is an Active Server Pages script that tracks the number of visitors to a webpage. This script is installed as a Server-Side Include (SSI) and the data is stored in a text file. Features: - Written in JScript language. - Server-Sid

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