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  • Fattable 0.0.2

    This framework-agnostic JavaScript library can be used in loading new data in a tabular format, both vertically (new rows) and horizontally (new columns).It can work via synchronous or asynchronous requests and is perfect for creating an unique, auto

  • Bootstrap-progressbar 0.7.1

    The bootstrap-progressbar package works with both major versions of the Bootstrap framework, 2.x and 3.x.The progress bars support both the basic skin and the stripped graphics, can be animated in real-time or at page load, and support showing text i

  • Picker 1.0.0

    The Picker widget can be added to any page and allow users to select a desired color via a popup window and a color spectrum.The user's color selection is acquired via his mouse's click and then programmatically converted to a color code.Multiple col

  • Jquery Jmosaic 0.1.3

    jQuery jMosaic works with images, DIVs, SPANs, and about any other HTML element.It can be used to build self-adjusting layouts that occupy the entire available free space on a page, without leaving gaps and free columns in the layout.jMosaic is an id

  • Tabslet 1.4.2

    Tabslet allows developers to build tabbed navigation widgets using the new HTML 5 data attribute.This method is not only simpler and faster, but also as powerful and easy to customize as older JS-based tabbed panels.Tabslet is quite easy to setup, an

  • Darktooltip 0.1.8

    DarkTooltip is a pretty configurable tool for adding tooltips to any element on a page.Tooltips can be positioned to the left, right, top, and bottom of an element, and the developer can use various UI styles and sizes for the tooltip container.The D

  • Colpick Color Picker 2.0.2

    The colpick Color Picker is a UI component that works by detecting the user's color selection (via the aforementioned spectrum) and converting it to a color code.Hex color codes, RGB, and HSB values are supported out of the box, values which are then

  • Husl 4.0.0

    HUSL stands for HUman-friendly HSL.HUSL is a simplified version of the HSL color space, with less accent on complex color computations, and more on chromatics.It's basically a combination between HSL and CIE LChuv, in an attempt to provide a more usa

  • Progressjs 0.1.0

    ProgressJs can build progress indicators in various forms (lines, bars, panels, overlays, etc.), the limit being in the developer's imagination.These progress indicators can be used to mask the loading of an object, signaling his loading status and w

  • Nanobar.js 0.0.6

    The effect mimics the loading bar seen on YouTube every time a user loads a new video to watch.Basically the library can be used in programmatically generating and controlling a progress indicator, without hindering the page loading process itself.Th

  • Scrollindicator.js

    scrollindicator.js isn't meant for any Web page, but for long pages where lots of text is displayed (articles, news stories, blog posts, online books, documentation pages, etc.).At first users won't even notice the scrollindicator.js library. Only an

  • Classyloader 1.1.0

    Every time a developer needs to load a big chunky piece of content on the page, it is widely recommended he uses a preloader to let the user know that there's a loading operation going on and when that operation finishes.ClassyLoader provides a tool

  • Aanytabs 1.0.0

    aAnyTabs works like most tab panels. It uses a series of buttons displayed on top to switch the visibility of various overlayed content panels.Any type of HTML content can be displayed inside the component, even in the tab panel switch buttons.The pa

  • Inline Confirmation 1.4.2

    The Inline Confirmation plugin for jQuery allows developers to create an intermediary step for all user-taken actions.This intermediary step can be used for important controls displayed on page, usually the ones related to delete or save actions, and

  • Tiny Colorpicker 0.0.6

    The Tiny Colorpicker UI widget lets users acquire/select a color with the help of a visual panel.This can be either a color wheel, color spectrum, or custom image.The color is acquired directly from the pixel on which the user has clicked (made his s

  • Ui Feedbacks 0.1.0

    The UI Feedbacks package shows and helps developers add better interactivity to their Web-based UIs with the help of some nifty animations and effects.UI Feedbacks can be used just for inspiration, or you can copy it down right in your code as well.T

  • Jquery Tabelizer 1.0.3

    For tables that include support for collapsible rows and multiple level nested layouts, it's very difficult to always get your barrings and see where in the table you currently are.jQuery Tabelizer adds colorful grouping indicators to the side of a t

  • Relative Slider 1.0.1

    Relative Slider is for making complex user selections via drag sliders. It can be used for interactive forms or input values, allowing the user to select parts from a total element value.Basically if you have service A and 4 sliders associated with i

  • Datepicker 2.0.2

    Requiring users to enter dates in a desired format is a complicated task. If not willing to implement a form masking technique, using date picking widgets may be the most ideal and smart thing to do.A date picker is a simple popup in which a calendar

  • Drop 0.5.4

    Drop.js can be used to create content-agnostic dropdowns for showing hidden content next to a page element.The difference between the Drop library and a regular tooltip plugin is that Drop shows the content only when clicked, instead of just hovered.

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