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  • Primeui 1.0

    PrimeUI doesn't merely wrap around jQuery UI, but it enhances it by allowing developers to work with REST and JSON for passing data to the UI widgets.This makes PrimeUI ready for usage with any server-side programming language or technology, since mo

  • Winjs 2.0.1

    WinJS is not that easy to classify. It's not a full-on JS framework, it's not a mobile development kit, it's not a CSS framework, it's not a UI toolkit either.WinJS actually merges concepts from all, providing a wide set of tools that developers can

  • Dojo Bootstrap 1.3.1

    Dojo Bootstrap implements Bootstrap 2.1.x to work on top of Dojo 1.8.x.It was created to allow developers stuck in environments where Dojo must be used at all costs to take advantage of the great UI design paradigms brought forward by the Bootstrap t

  • Permit.js 0.3

    Permit.js uses a cookie-based system to store the user's permission level when viewing an application's prototype, boilerplate, or mock-up.This allows developers and designers working on a product to preview various application features without havin

  • Bootflat 2.0.1

    The Flat design trend is still going strong. While initially made famous by Windows' Metro design philosophy, it continued via iOS7's new interface and it seems developers really have taken to it as well.Bootflat is nothing more than a modified and e

  • Axisj 1.5.3

     AXISJ is a pretty complete user interface toolkit developed by a local Korean developer with the aim of providing a solid UI package for Web and mobile apps.AXISJ comes with plenty of ready-made widgets that can easily be loaded in an applicati

  • Uikit 2.6.0

    UIkit is a complex UI framework developed using LESS and on top of the jQuery framework.It was created to help developers quickly assemble a user interface for their applications, without having to write the code for every widget time and time again.

  • Zebra

    There is a large number of UI frameworks around these days. Unfortunately, most of them are just copies of one another, or simply follow the same design pattern.Zebra breaks the mold by using a totally innovative concept for building a rich user inte

  • Zino Ui 1.4

    Zino UI works on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework and was built to help developers in creating modern, versatile interfaces for their Web-based applications.Zino UI is actually a collection of UI components (widgets) that programmers can select

  • Ionic 1.0.0-beta.1

    Ionic is a powerful toolkit developed to help programmers create mobile apps that, when possible, use native methods for rendering applications on a mobile platform.It is a powerful tool to help developers reduce the amount of time they spend working

  • Webix 1.7

    Combining HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript, Webix provides a large collection of rich UI widgets that can be used when building complex user interfaces or whenever you need a quick solution to get the UI part of your project of the ground and ready for t

  • Jquery Thermometer 1.0.0

    Not a fully-working thermometer, or anything close to it, this plugin is a customizable progress indicator widget that can be used to display how much of an action has been complete and how much is left.It's basically a visual indicator for live or s

  • Crossui 1.0

    CrossUI was developed on top of the jsLINB framework. CrossUI merges the complex technologies together to allow developers to easily develop powerful HTML frontends.Besides the framework's code, the developers have also created desktop applications f

  • Sass Flipt

    Sass Flipt contains a plethora of UI styles, currently in fashion, perfect for building a modern-looking website.The standard package contains basic style rules for creating UI elements in the following styles:- Hollow- Flat- Zen- Glitzy- ChristmasSa

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