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  • Jemotion 2.4

    jEmotion is a simple way of converting annoying text emoticons into beautiful emojis.jEmotion uses the standard Yahoo! Messenger icons, but this image pack can be replaced with anything the developer desires to.The developer can also customize replac

  • Horus Emoticons 2.0

    The library works by scanning for a text pattern and replacing it with an inline image/icon.By default, the Horus Emoticons library comes hardcoded with 17 emoticons, all hosted via the website. It is probably a good idea to alter this

  • Jquery Copyright 0.1.1

    jQuery copyright can be a really helpful tool in watermarking text that users copy-paste from a site.The site owner can add any type of content with the copy-pasted text, from simple raw text, links to the original text's page, and even HTML formatte

  • Curvedtext 1.4

    Using some complex math, the CurvedText uses SVG to redraw text using a modified baseline, following a curved line modeled in well-known geometric shapes.The plugin is a little difficult to use, but on the other hand provides quite an impressive arra

  • Laverna 0.5.0

    Laverna is a little bit like Evernote, only its open source, it can work locally, online and offline, and can be used without any restrictions.Laverna uses a Markdown WYSIWYG editor to let users add and style their notes, saving each of them in a not

  • Type Rendering Mix 1.0.3

    There's an obvious problem with font rendering, not only for the Web, but for desktop applications as well.While desktop environments don't concern Web developers, browser font rendering does, which indirectly brings all the desktop-based problems in

  • Writer

    The "Writer" script features a very very minimal interface, allowing users to edit only the document's title and its body.If a title is not entered, then a random one will be generated and used instead."Writer" also includes support for creating and

  • Knwl.js 0.0.1

    Knwl.js can be a pretty useful JS library to have around, especially if developing a data miner or text crawling application.Knwl.js can interpret text written in a natural (spoken) language, detect a series of preset terms, and extract them for furt

  • Jquery Headline Plugin 1.0.1

    The jQuery Headline Plugin is easy to configure and provides a quick and easy way to animate text on a Web page.While the effect is not overly complicated, doing this via CSS 3 would take up more resources and coding time to do so.Using jQuery Headli

  • Balancetext 1.3.0

    By default, browsers take a block of text and try to fit as many words on one line as possible.This produces very small text blocks, but sometimes there are lines that contain just 1-2-3 words (called orphans or widows in typography).The BalanceText

  • Textshrinkgrow

    textShrinkGrow adds two buttons. One is for shrinking the font size, the other is for growing the text's character size.These buttons can be added multiple times on the same page to control the text size for various text blocks, or they can be used t

  • Jquery Flip-quote 1.0.1

    jQuery Flip-Quote works by showing box embedded with the text.As the user scrolls down the page and these boxes become visible for the user, they are flipped around and a quote is displayed inside them.Clicking on the box will make the quote's text b

  • Zglossary 1.0.2

    zGlossary is an ideal tool to use with pages where complex terms are used or where the text addresses niche markets and industry sectors.To avoid people misunderstanding or not understand the content at all, zGlossary linkifies a list of specified te

  • Jquery Shuffle Text 1.0

    JQuery Shuffle Text can be used to stylize certain text-based elements of a page like headlines, headers and titles.Instead of displaying the text all at once, JQuery Shuffle Text shows the desired text one letter at a time, using a quick and random

  • Jquery Word Count 0.1

    The jQuery Word Count Plugin is easy to implement and will enrich your current forms with a sleek and useful word counter.It can be used to set an input limit for textareas or inputs, showing a countdown underneath the form itself.When the user goes

  • Flipping Text 1

    The jQuery Flipping Text plugin takes a given text and displays it one letter at a time, showing a sequence of random characters before actually revealing the final letter.The plugin can work at various speeds, with one or more lines of text at the s

  • Qwerty 0.1

    The Qwerty plugin can be used to slowly animate text into a page, either for presentational purposes or just to provide a cooler way to show instructions or tips about a certain element.The page needs to be completely loaded for developers to use Qwe

  • Footnoted 1.1

    With the Footnoted plugin, developers can transform superscript text into a footnote reference.Any superscript text with the "footnoted" class will be transformed into a link which animates the user's view to the bottom of the page, to the proper foo

  • Type Scale

    Type Scale enables a developer to setup a basic font size for their fonts, a preview text, the desired font-family settings and the font weight.Using these details, Type Scale will show a preview of the text, scaled at various dimensions.This will he

  • Jquery Vintage Text 0.1.3

    jQuery Vintage Text is a beautification plugin.It allows developers to create nice looking text displays and unique ways of showing interactive text on a Web page.For sure Web pages and the Web development world could do without, but jQuery Vintage T

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