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  • Filo 1.2.2

    FILo only needs the Facebook profile ID and it will automatically fetch a list of all Facebook albums from that user's profile.Albums are retrieved at first only, with a few of the contained thumbs.Clicking on the album will open a new page, with all

  • Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons 1.6

    Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons is the ideal tool to use with your social sharing toolbars when working on responsive layouts.Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (or just RRSSB) adds a custom skin to various social sharing b

  • Share Button 0.1.1

    Share Button is a simple JS library that can be dropped into any Web project and provide a ready to use social sharing buttons.The button is basically a simple HTML DIV and can be placed anywhere around the site without ruining layouts or page templa

  • Facebook Friend Autocomplete Jquery Plugin 0.0

    The Facebook Friend Autocomplete widget is nothing more than an input field where users can type part of the name of the Facebook friend they want to select.As he types, the plugin will show suggestions updated in real-time, taking the avatar and nam

  • Facebook Sharer 0.3

    Facebook offers simple buttons that users can embed on their sites for sharing content on Facebook.But the button is quite rigid when it comes to customizing what you want to appear on Facebook when your pages are actually shared.Facebook Sharer uses

  • Fbpagestarter 0.1.2

    In simpler terms, Fbpagestarter can create page tabs on Facebook.It provides all the basic tools, along with a demo for starting your own Facebook app page customizations.This lets the user customize his Facebook pages via HTML and CSS, instead of re

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