• Windim v2.0.1

    Results are returned in pixels.This referes to the window size, and not the web page or screen size. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side Limitations:· Code comments in french, but nothing that Google Translate can't handle.

  • Pagedim v1.0

    Page size is returned in pixels.The script is not very useful as a stand-alone, but the result can be passed to another function for other tasks or operations.The script works regardless of the browser version or manufacturer.The script refers to com

  • Dynamic Page Titles

    It is bundled with a Flash component to acquire the title via a form (from the user) and set it to the current page.When the user moves to different sections of the site, flash calls a simple JavaScript that changes the title element in the HTML docu

  • Jsregexteststand

    The test procedure is implemented as a single paged interface. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.4.2 or higher

  • Simple Car Configurator

    The script can be used in object previews, color choosers, product customizations and many more others.It will show a main window with the product and a small retractable options picker.Selecting a new skin will slowly dim the first one and present t

  • Onchange Select Menu

    Whenever a new option is selected from a form/menu drop-down (option, select) list, that option is tracked, or shown to the user through an alert window. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Make A Javascript Function Lazy

    It allow a method for a JavaScript class to keep the previous result until a reset operation is called. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Load A Cross-server Javascript Dynamically

    It contains a memory leak fix for IE browsers.The script allows loading cross domain JavaScript JSON dynamically by a JavaScript function. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Matrixview 1.0.3

    It generally refers to keyboard navigation and mouse selection. Here are some key features of "MatrixView":· Unobtrusive Design - MatrixView stays out of the way so the developer can focus on what's important. Just point it at a standard unorder

  • Javascript Terminal Client

    It was tested in Opera, Firefox, IE 7 and 8, Chrome and Safari.In the console.php file, set the PATH_ROOT constant to the root directory tor the directory to act as the root directory for the console.Also set the HIDE_ROOT to true or false. If it is

  • Js-simple-storage

    It wraps document.cookie and/or window.localStorage depending on their availability and saves all the user desired data. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Ajax Tell-a-friend

    A custom form will be presented inside a modal popup box, which the user needs to fill with it's own , and his friend contact data. Here are some key features of "AJAX Tell-A-Friend":· IP / date limit (configurable)· Sends mails via SMTP or

  • Jspeed 0.2

    The engine parses and analyzes different portions of a JS code for fragments which can be optimized.It than goes and substitutes those portions with faster code.  Here are some key features of "JSpeed":Features:· Specify which part of the c

  • Css2xpath

    The minified version of the code is smaller than 1Kb.

  • Center Popup Windows

    This code is useful for programmers that want to make sure that their pop-up windows will not go to the default (or last remember) position.The image will be centered to the middle of the browser window, and not the screen. Requirements:· JavaSc

  • Replicator 1.0

    It automatically duplicates and manages HTML snippet templates with selector-based content seeding and interaction. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Twitstream 1.1

    The user can manage the number of tweets displayed on the page, the animation effects and more. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side What's New in This Release: · Updated date/time display on tweets to match the format on Twitte

  • Flashinlightbox 29.1.2009

    This class was tested on Safara 3.1.2, Opera 9.63, Chrome 1, IE 6, IE 7 and Firefox 3. Requirements:· Lightbox 2.04 or higher· swfobjec 2.1 higher

  • My Latest Tweets

    The script works fine in major modern browsers like IE5 +, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.It comes with a complete help file and a PSD source for the original design. Here are some key features of "My Latest Tweets":· Display tweets from a sp

  • One Time Popups

    The JavaScript code is used to launch the window, meanwhile the PHP code stores a session variable for each visitor.

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