• Pgwslider 1.1.0

    PgwSlider can be used to create a classic photo slideshow that uses a simple thumb slider to the side of the gallery to let users choose what image they want to see.The developer can control various slider settings, like slideshow autostart, transiti

  • Prezento

    Under the hood, Prezento is nothing more than a simple slideshow plugin that slowly scrolls content up and down inside a container.The difference is that Prezento can append a certain style to the slideshow container making it look like various Apple

  • Fulldivgal 0.2.1

    FullDivGal can display a series of rotating images inside any container, albeit a selected DIV or the entire page itself.The slider is quite easy to setup, easy to customize, and also comes with a small thumbnail slider at the bottom, for easily skip

  • Roundabout 1.0.0

    There are lots of slideshow plugins around, but most of them are just too complicated, hold to many features that developers won't ever get to use, and are also very bulky when it comes to the code size.Roundabout is a simplification of the slider co

  • Slick 1.3.4

    As all UI and UX experts might tell you, there's no actual value in having a slider or carousel on your website. It's actually the other way around. The slideshows helps break the user's focus from more important site controls, it's pretty heavy, and

  • Jquery Slides 1.0.2

    jQuery Slides can be used in building accordion sliders, UI widgets that expand or collapse their content to provide a better view.Everybody knows how accordion widgets works. You click one panel header, all the other panels minimize and you only see

  • Wallop Slider

    Wallop Slider is quite simple in its setup. The slider is made of an area for rotating the images in, and two arrow buttons for navigating the slideshow sideways.The created slider adheres to the progressive enhancement philosophy and comes with supp

  • Slidethis

    There's no demo slider with the SlideThis plugin, but usage instructions are provided with the plugin's README file to get developers started on their own slideshows.The SlideThis plugin allows developers to customize slider settings like autoplay st

  • Devrama Image/html Slider 0.9.4

    While the plugin's name "Devrama Image/HTML Slider" might tell a reader the entire story, the true feature set is a little bit broader than the name can let someone believe.Created on the basic slider principles that all similar plugins implement, th

  • Pdfslider 2.1.0

    Unique in its own right, the slider features the same controls you find in normal looking slideshows, the only change being the fact that the slider can work with PDF <object> entities the same way it does with image tags.Just like images,

  • Jquery Slideshow Lite 0.8.1

    The jQuery Slideshow Lite can be used for various purposes on a Web page. From featuring important content, to showcasing a collection of photos, or just for decorative purposes.The plugin works like all the other slideshow utilities, rotating images

  • Psychle 1.0.1

    Psychle works very similarly to the Cycle plugin, adding extra features and a way to cycle more than just images.Psychle can be used with any kind of HTML content, from simple text, to form elements, buttons and so on.The plugin can easily be used to

  • Smoothslides

    Smoothslides was specifically created to help feature images, coming packed with lots of configurable settings.Smoothslides comes with autoplay enabled, and there's no way to set it off (except setting it with an almost infinite value).Sideways and d

  • Humbleslider 0.5.3

    humbleSlider tries to implement as many slideshow related features as possible, without cluttering up the code and slowing down page transitions.The plugin supports lots of customizable tweaks and is easy to embed in any Web page.Besides the classic

  • Flickerplate 1.0.0

    Flickerplate is part of the Webplate UI framework default package, but it can also be used as a stand-alone component as well.This plugin can be used in creating simple, full-width image carousels, ideal for showcasing big header images.Flickerplate

  • Neutrino 0.6.0

    Neutrino is a bare-bones jQuery slider that uses a simple slide to the side transition effect to rotate images inside a container.It's basically a very simple slideshow tool that can be used in featuring image-based content on a website.The Neutrino

  • Simple Jquery Slider 2.3.4

    The Simple jQuery Slider plugin is a very light slider package, that doesn't go all the way in when it comes to slideshow features.The plugin provides a simple "slide to the side" motion for transitioning from one slider to the next and supports both

  • Slidr.js 0.5.0

    slidr.js is not a slider with full rights, but merely an animations engine created especially for handling motions and effects specific to image slideshows.slidr.js can be used to transition from one slider panel to the next using simple effects.The

  • Flipping Gallery 1.1

    The Flipping Gallery was written in jQuery and CSS 3, with CSS 3 mainly handling the animations and jQuery taking care of the captions and the gallery navigation controls.By default, Flipping Gallery allows users to navigate through its content eithe

  • Excolo Slider 1.0.5

    Excolo Slider desires to provide a solid solution for creating fully-customizable image slideshows, but without the need of purchasing a commercial product to do so.Excolo Slider is open sourced and supports a plethora of features that enable program

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