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  • Everypass 1.2.0

    EveryPass is actually one single HTML file, easy to be deployed either online, or locally on each person's PC.The EveryPass password manager will allow users to enter usernames and passwords for one or more services, accounts, and profiles, and then

  • Visualcaptcha For Node.js 0.0.1

    Ported from the visualCaptcha PHP library, this Node.js implementation follows as closely as possible to the original guidelines.visualCaptcha for Node.js uses a "click to select" CAPTCHA solving mechanism to detect humans from bots, sending form sub

  • Imageless Captcha

    Unlike almost all CAPTCHA systems around, Imageless Captcha works without the need of an image processing library on the server-side.Imageless Captcha will generate a random number and print it on the page as its English spoken form.To validate the f

  • Node.bcrypt.js 0.7.7

    node.bcrypt.js utilizes the bcrypt algorithm for encrypting password strings inside Node.js-based applications and websites.The node.bcrypt.js library includes utilities for hashing a password, checking a password, auto-generating salt strings and ha

  • Passy

    "passy" can be used to help users choose better passwords whire registering a new account/profile.passy comes with plenty of features that can be customized according to needed security levels. Here are some key features of "passy":· Works in re

  • Internet Captcha 2.0

    Written in JavaScript, Internet Captcha allows developers to protect their online forms from spam bots and automated scripts by requiring users to enter characters shown inside a dynamically generated image.Developers can customize text size, text co

  • Mouseware

    Mouseware can generate a random human-readable password string based on a series of mouse gestures.The string is made up by five normal dictionary words, but this can be changed.When requested, it can increase the number of words, add a number, a sym

  • Sessiondialog 1.0

    SessionDialog detects when a session is about to expire and will display a modal window warning the user about this event.If the user is active, he can extend his session by pushing a button.If not, the session will expire as the site's administrator

  • Hotlinkr 1.0

    hotlinkr was designed to protect against hotlinked JS files only.The library detects incoming load requests for JS files and ships the hotlinkr source instead.It comes with about 15+ methods of disfiguring a site and letting visitors know the site is

  • Obfuscate.js

    Obfuscate.js will parse a text, and replace every character with other random characters, hiding the original content.For now it can be used on a live Web page either by including it via a script tag or called from the browser's JavaScript console.Ob

  • Passwordify

    The script shows how to properly encode a password string.The Base64 and MD5 algorithm are used in this example.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Ezcrypto 0.0.3

    ezcrypto provides a simple interface for securing and encoding data.The library is a port for Node.js of the client-side CryptoJS library. Here are some key features of "ezcrypto":Supported algorithms:· MD5· SHA-1· SHA-256· HMAC&#

  • Cryptojs 3.1.2

    CryptoJS provides a simple interface for securing and encoding data.It can be used for preventing unauthorized access to transfer streams or unavoidable publicly stored information.Ports of this library for Node.js are also available under the name c

  • Stanford Javascript Crypto Library

    The Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library (SJCL) uses various security technologies to secure passwords and protect them against a multitude of attacks.At around 6-7 KB, SJCL is also one of the fastest JavaScript crypto tools around. A demo is included

  • Captchagen 0.0.2

    This Node.js library can be used in rendering image CAPTCHA photos for protecting online web forms against automatic submissions or spam bots.Comes with an optional feature of speaking the CAPTCHA text via the espeak module and the Audio API. Require

  • Cprompt

    The script was inspired by the EU cookie law, for all websites to ask the user's permission to store cookies client-side.Very simple to implement, the script will allows developers to quickly bring to par their website's legality.A demo is included w

  • Moocrypt 0.3

    The plugin allows developers to encrypt data for security purposes via MooTools.Demos are included with the download package. Here are some key features of "MooCrypt":Supported algorithms:· Base64· CRC32· Hex· MD5· RMD160

  • Fusker 0.2.1

    Fusker places itself between the web app (Node.js) and the user, sniffing server requests.It comes packet with methods for detecting, preventing and fighting back against hackers or suspicious attackers.Some examples are provided with the package. He

  • Motioncaptcha v0.2

    It works by retracing a shape on an HTML 5 canvas element. If the shape is accurately recreated, the user passes the CAPTCHA test.If not, the plugin marks the user as a spam bot. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery Java

  • Cryptico.js

    This public key cryptography library allows developers to generate RSA key pairs, encrypt and decrypt messages, securing communications between client and app server. Here are some key features of "cryptico.js":· RSA Keys (512, 1024, 2048, 4096,

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