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  • Hideseek 0.5.3

    HideSeek consists of a simple input field where users can type in their text.As text is entered in the field, items on the page (list, table, page section, or the target search area) will be removed one by one if they don't match the search query.The

  • Jquery-filter

    jquery-filter allows developers to embed a large list of items on a page, and enables users to search it just by typing text into an input field.As text is entered inside the search field, non-matching items in the list are removed right away.The fil

  • Anysearch.js 1.1.0

    anysearch.js allows a user navigating a Web page to just start typing to search for content.anysearch.js does not need for the user to click or focus a search field prior to typing, doing this automatically for him.As the user's keys are pressed, the

  • Node-elasticsearch 0.4.1

    node-elasticsearch allows developers to funnel search queries originating from a Node.js app or website to an ElasticSearch server.This module is recommended because it keeps Node.js to do what it does best, handle HTTP requests and JavaScript, and i

  • Instagrammar ALPHA

    InstaGrammar (or Instatags) is built on top of the official Instagram API.Besides searching Instagram for images, the app can get various tag analytics as well.These include number number of likes, number of comments and number of found images. Requi

  • Jquery Quicksearch

    jQuery quickSearch adds a search field atop a desired collection of items.Using this search box users can narrow down a large list/table/grid to only the desired elements.Elements in the collection will be removed or faded away as soon as they don't

  • Domwalker.js

    domwalker.js is yet another jQuery text search engine designed to help developers find, highlight and even replace strings inside a larger block of text.The plugin was intended to help with spell-checking and corrections, searching the text for bad w

  • Highlighter 0.1

    highlighter can be used as a professional text search engine or text filtering toolkit.It will take large pieces of text and search for more than one terms inside it.Once it finds one, it will highlight it with a destined color so the reader can easi

  • Tipue Search 3.0

    Tipue Search is a static search engine for finding content on a Web page.It works without a Web server via a JS/JSON config file, but it can also work with server side technology like Perl, PHP, Ruby, etc..A demo is included with the download package

  • Tipue Drop 3.0

    The "Tipue drop" jQuery plugin provides a way to show search suggestions inside a dropdown panel.It supports rich HTML formatting for the search suggestion options, improving the style of the search widget, with support for thumbnail images and text

  • Link Scraper Textbox

    Link Scraper TextBox can fetch various details about a Web-accessible URL.This includes page title, page description and images.To work properly, the Link Scraper TextBox plugin must be used in conjunction with a textarea.This makes the plugin perfec

  • Jquery Facets 0.0.7

    jQuery Facets allows developers to build faceted search forms for their Web pages.It takes all the pain of dealing with complicated AJAX operations and allows the developer to focus on the search UI and other additional tools. Requirements:· Jav

  • Jquery Search 1.0.0

    As the name hints, jQuery Search allows developers to find content inside the page's DOM.Plugin usage instructions are very straightforward and are included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery

  • Inpage Seo Checker

    Inpage SEO Checker helps developers working on a Web page learn to write code that complies with some known SEO rules.Of course, the SEO rules set is customizable, so new rules can be added or some can be removed at will.If errors are detected, they

  • Jquery Sieve 0.2.5

    Sieve is for large data sets. It allows users to type in fragments of their desired/searched content and have non-matching options hidden from view.It works in real-time, filtering out bad matches and only showing relevant results.jQuery Sieve is DOM

  • Cinnamon.js 1.0.6

    Cinnamon.js allows editors to add keywords to specific blocks of content via HTML5's data- attribute.The keywords added via Cinnamon.js will popup as search results via the browser's Find tool, even if the terms themselves do not appear in written fo

  • Jquery.searchonselect 1.0.0

    jQuery.searchOnSelect links form fields together, so when entering a value in one fields, another field is automatically adjusted according to a blueprint of preset rules.A demo is included with the download package.In-depth usage instructions are pr

  • Ll.filtrera.js

    ll.filtrera.js allows users to search for custom or preset search terms inside a large collection of text-based content.The found text pieces can be highlighted while text blocks that do not contain the searched terms are hidden from view, allowing t

  • Jquery Redditloader 3.1

    JQuery RedditLoader can be used for searching and embedding data from Reddit on a remote page.It supports a multitude of search categories and a NSFW filter. Here are some key features of "JQuery RedditLoader":· Search and load text reddits

  • Backbone Faceted Search

    A faceted search is a visual search system, which does not rely on search terms, but on user input commands (filters).As user input is collected, the data is narrowed down and only the matching results are left visible.This script was designed to wor

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