• Jquizme 2.2.1

    Several demos and documentation files are included in the download package. Here are some key features of "jQuizMe":Possible question types:· Fill In The Blank· Flash Cards· Multiple Choice (list or options tags)· True or False Re

  • Javascript Quiz Machine

    This self-grading JavaScript Quiz will allow your visitors to test their knowledge of a subject related to your site. And not only does this script automatically calculate a letter grade, but it also lists references for wrong answers and only allows

  • Instant-grading Multiple Choice Quiz

    Instant-grading multiple choice quiz is a JavaScript quiz script with instant grading. The script can accommodate an unlimited number of questions, and is VERY easy to update, since all editing is done through an external data file. The script i

  • Quiz Javascript

    This is a simple and effective JavaScript quiz that calculates and displays detailed results. In this example, two questions are asked but users may add as many questions as they like.

  • Quiztest 3.0.31

    QuizTest will allow you to create multiple-choice, or true-false quizzes online. On any given quiz, you may have both true/false questions and multiple choice, and the same program will grade the quizzes and email you (or other designated instructor)

  • User Quiz

    If you'd like to present your visitors with a JavaScript quiz, this script would be perfect. It administers and scores the test, and even catches the user if they try to cheat! You are allowed to add new levels of difficulty.

  • Quiz Engine

    This script allows users to make custom, very flexible quizzes to that can be used on the web. It's easy to add questions or change answers.

  • Multiple Choice Quiz

    This code permits you to add a quiz to your Web page without using a server-side script.Questions and answers are stored in a multi-dimensional array format in an external file. The quiz is marked in real time, and once answered, questions are set to

  • Math Questions Generator

    This script is a short math questions generator to exercise your brain. Question is XxY=A, X Y=B; X=? Y=?.

  • Javascript Quiz

    This script provides you a simple quiz which gives the reasoning for each answering.

  • Basic Javascript Quiz

    This script helps you to create quizzes for tutorials, online classes, or other subjects.

  • Drag And Drop - Quiz Script

    This is a useful script for teachers and others who wants to show a quiz on their web page. In this script you have columns with questions and answers. Your goal is to drag answers to the empty boxes. Example: Drag the capital Oslo to the empty box n

  • Drag And Drop To Columns - Quiz Script

    The goal of the quiz is to drag the nodes from the big left side column and drop them where they belong. Example: Oslo should be moved Norway, Notre Dame to France, Mississippi to United States etc.

  • Simple Javascript Quiz Script

    Simple Javascript Quiz Script allows you to setup a quiz on your website. At the end of the quiz it presents you the correct answers.

  • Questionaire

    This script runs a test/questionaire that is stored in a javascript applet. The Questionaire can handle multiple choice questions with 4 available answers or true/false answers (2 available answers).

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