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  • Theory 0.2.4

    Theory allows developers to write JavaScript syntax that can run on both servers and browsers, without having to worry about platform specific syntax (notably Node.js syntax is different from vanilla JS syntax).Along with Theory, better dependency ma

  • Classify.js

    Despite the syntax, Classify.js is framework-agnostic and can be used with any vanilla (pure) JavaScript project.Classify.js is perfect for creating, working and extending classes in JavaScript, something unsupported via native JS code. Requirements:

  • Lemonad 0.6.2

    Lemonad was inspired by other functional programming languages like Clojure, Haskell and Forth.I was build on top of Underscore.js and tries to provide a more powerful JavaScript superset, aimed at helping programmers with more complicated tasks. Lem

  • Funex 0.2.38

    Funex is like eval, allowing developers to use dynamic expressions in their code.The library works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments. Here are some key features of "Funex":· Secure, controlled execution· Fun

  • Aopjs 0.5.3

    AOP stands for Aspect-Oriented Programming, a programming paradigm which aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of cross-cutting concerns.AopJS adds support for AOP advices in JavaScript.The library is also available as a jQuery plugi

  • Gumba 1.0.0

    Gumba takes various features from CoffeeScript and Underscore.js and allows developers to use them in the Node.js command line.Usage instructions are included with the download. Requirements:· Node.js

  • Reactor.js 0.0.2

    Reactive programming is a programming paradigm oriented around data flows and the propagation of change.Basically Reactor.js exposes a set of "reactive variables."These variables work by automatically updating their values based on changes in their d

  • Bacon.js 0.3.15

    Functional reactive programming (FRP) is a merger of two techniques, reactive programming and functional programming.Bacon.js implements the principles of FRP for the JavaScript scripting language.Some examples, along with usage instructions are incl

  • Pathfinding.js 0.4.1

    PathFinding.js works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments.Multiple path finding algorithms are PathFinding.js, AStar, Dijkstra, Breadth and Best-First just to name a few.Also, support for diagonal paths and bi-directiona

  • Mochiscript 0.6.16

    Mochiscript enriches the current JavaScript scripting language with support for object-oriented elements.Mochiscript currently works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js, Ruby on Rails) environments. Here are some key features of "Moc

  • Gauravityjs 1.0.2

    GauravityJS is for easier prototype inheritance in JavaScript development.Check out the package's README file for usage instructions.GauravityJS is for advanced JS developers only. Requirements:· Node.js

  • Juxt.js 0.0.2

    juxt.js takes a set of JS functions, executes them all at once and returns the result set as an array.The results can then be compared with one another or passed in mass or individually to other JS applications.

  • Klassyjs

    KlassyJS allows JS developers to create classes in JavaScript, currently not supported by the ECAMScript core.KlassyJS adds support for sub-classes, prototypes and class inheritance, allowing JavaScript to be used in creating real object-oriented (OO

  • Klass 1.3.0

    JavaScript does not support class inheritance by default. The Klass library can make sure it does.Klass works with both client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments.It is also Ender compatible. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled

  • Typed 0.3.3

    While this might sound as a paradox because static typing can take place only with compiled languages and JavaScript is no such thing, Typed indeed adds support for static typing in JS code.This is done by circumventing the compilation step and evalu

  • Inheritance.js 2.7

    Inheritance.js implements the Ruby inheritance model as closely as possible using classic JavaScript syntax.This means classes, sub-classes, and mix-ins can be defined as in Ruby, and what's best, they'll behave the same as well. Requirements:·

  • Six 0.0.11

    Six enhances the JavaScript syntax with new features currently under development with ECMAScript 6.Works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments.Also comes with AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) compatibility. Requiremen

  • Lispyscript 0.3.1

    The library tries to add support to JavaScript for common features found in the Lisp programming language.Besides support for those new options, LispyScript also changes a little bit the JS syntax to make it more Lisp-friendly. Here are some key feat

  • Sweet.js 0.1.2

    Advanced programming languages like Scheme, Scala, Racket and Rust have support for macros, a way to run a series of instructions or source via a simple command/statement.This library adds the same functionality in a scripting language like JavaScrip

  • Dartflash

    Dart is a new class-based programming language from Google for creating modern web applications. It's very similar to JavaScript.The result is a library very similar syntax to ActionScript 3.Dartflash allows developer to port their Flash apps to more

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