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  • Tally Bro

    Tally Bro provides a dynamic way of adding as many players as needed and then pressing "+" or "-" buttons to improve or lower his score.For each player an avatar image can be easily uploaded and he can be removed from the game anytime he leaves or st

  • Bootstrap Rating Input 0.2.1

    Bootstrap Rating Input redoes the star rating system which many other plugins have implemented before, this time with support for the Bootstrap frontend UI framework, a common tool in today's Web development community.Besides the interface and markup

  • Jquery Upvote 1.0.2

    jQuery Upvote allows users to vote for or against "something."The widget allows the user only to vote up or down, once, modifying the counter accordingly.To signal the fact the user voted in the widget, the up or down arrow (depending on how the user

  • Star Rating System With Javascript

    With the "Star rating system with JavaScript" script, developers can implement a way for users to vote and rank content on the Web.The entire system is very configurable, and can be implemented everywhere where JavaScript can be interpreted. Here are

  • Kudos

    The Kudos plugin is actually based and closely modeled after the kudos rating system found on the Svbtle platform.It works just like any like/star/+1 rating system, only it uses kudos to quantify popularity and boasts some pretty neat animations as w

  • Starvaluation 1.0.0

    StarValuation will help developers add a grading system for their Web pages, either with simple star graphics (default) or with custom ones.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "StarValuation":· Set the sta

  • Moostars

    The plugin does not record ratings, for this a powerful server-side language is needed. It only powers the star rating system and its animations.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "MooStars":· Customize t

  • Pure.rating 0.1

    Turns a simple drop-down select into a star rating widget.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.3.2 or higher Limitations:· Does not remember ratings between page reloa

  • Slickquiz v1.0

    A demo is included with the download package.Also, a WordPress plugin based on this plugin is also available. Here are some key features of "SlickQuiz":· All questions are managed from a general config file· Score results· Ranking syst

  • Mooml 1.3.0

    Mooml allows developers to create actual HTML using simple JavaScript (MooTools) syntax. Here are some key features of "Mooml":· Global templates· Local templates· Easy to use anywhere· Evaluating templates on the fly Requirements

  • Delectable 1.0

    Parses a Delicious profile and embeds the latest tweets in a page. A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Delectable":· Set the number of links to retrieve· Show the link date· Show link tags·

  • Jquery Raty 2.5.2

    The plugin has a lots of settings, allowing the developer to build his own custom rating system, based on his products and features. A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "jQuery Raty":· Preset score· R

  • Jquery Vote Plugin

    The plugin creates a voting widget which allows the user, through the help of two buttons (up/down) to cast a vote for a certain item. It shows a counter in the middle.Pressing plus will increase the counter, while pressing minus will remove a plus v

  • Allrating 0.1

    It is a theme based plugin allowing the user to choose between different rating system skins (abr, tree, medal, small star, etc.). It turns radio or select options into a fully functional rating scale.It also creates the interface based on standard f

  • Jrating 3.0

    Developers can customize the system with a desired number of stars, the step vote value, have decimals or not, and much more.He can also display small or big stars.Images can be changed with any other file easily.Although the plugin can be used with

  • Colourful Rating System

    By hovering the mouse over the "stars" in the rating, the color of all the stars changes depending on which star is hovered.When not hovering the rating objects are gray.When hovering item #1, the stars change to red and show a customizable tooltip w

  • Star Rating Widget 3.0.1

    The user can just enter his vote using the mouse cursor and click when ready.After submission, the script can show an average of votes if necessary.At its core, the plugin takes a drop-down select list or a group of radio buttons and masks them using

  • Cwfeedback 0.7

    The user can love/dislike/block an item, or it can give it a 5-star rating based on the item's performance.A demo is included in the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· MooTools 1.2.3 or higher· Web serv

  • Simple Star Rating System

    By hovering and clicking on the star, their rating and state is modified, providing a feedback for the content's author. Requirements:· jQuery

  • Simple Half-star Rating Plugin

    This is a more compact and simplified version of other star systems developed by the Gmail Team, Wil Stuckey and Ritesh Agrawal. Requirements:· jQuery

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