• Tyto 1.2.1

    tyto can be used to bring some order to someone's life by providing a simple board where users can pin tasks and organize them into lists.With a simple UI and a user-friendly UX, tyto is easy to use and should get any user started on his tasks and li

  • Termcoin 0.0.4

    termcoin works solely from the Node.js console, allowing anyone interested access to his Bitcoin wallet.Using a simplistic, terminal-like interface, termcoin will allow them to review recent transactions, see received payments and send Bitcoin curren

  • Carddavmate 0.11.0

    CardDavMATE is 100% written in JavaScript, with some jQuery, allowing it to run from any machine, with or without a server. A demo interface is included with the default package. Here are some key features of "CardDavMATE":· XML configuration ge

  • Firetodo

    Firebase is a service for building real-time scalable backends for apps or websites, without the hassle of dealing with servers and hosting providers. Firetodo was created as a proof of concept and as an experiment with Firebase server-signed tokens.

  • Todo-app-parse-jquery is an advanced technology stack for powering a mobile app's backend.ToDo-App-Parse-jQuery uses the service's features to store a list of events and tasks a person must finish.The widget is extremely easy to setup and use, and includes a sim

  • Favtodotab 0.1.1

    FavToDoTab works like any other to-do list.It allows users to type in their tasks and prints them in the order they were typed in.Tasks can be starred as favorites and even moved completely to a special, additional to-do list, only for favorite items

  • Simple Planner 1.4

    Simple Planner works similarly to Google Calendar, allowing users to plan out their upcoming events in a calendar-like structure.The script saves data locally via HTML 5 localStorage, so the events and made plans will be available only locally.A demo

  • Jquery.weekcalendar 2.0-dev

    Modeled after the official Google Calendar, this jQuery widget will allow users to keep track of their actions and events via a simple to use interface.A fully working demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "jQuery.

  • Checklist

    Checklist can be used to manage to-do items and events.The user can add new items to the list and later check them off when they are completed.The script uses HTML5's localStorage feature to remember items between sessions. Here are some key features

  • Taskboard 10.01.26

    Taskboard is written in Ruby and JavaScript. Here are some key features of "Taskboard":· Drag and drop support· User login system· Synchronization· Simple UI· Tags· Column management· Color management· Import f

  • Taskboard Lite

    Can be used to save notes and keep them in the browser until the user decides to remove them. Taskboard Lite is packed into 10k bytes. Here are some key features of "Taskboard Lite":· Double click to edit· Move cards around by drag and drop

  • Personal Finance Manager 20121016-1

    Built with MySQL, jQuery, phpdaogen and JSON. Here are some key features of "Personal Finance Manager":· Password-protected backend· Manage and reconcile accounts· Manage transactions· Track income and expenses· Graphic user

  • Node Calendar 1.1.2

    The calendar uses jQuery for the front-end interactions, Node.js on the server-side and CouchDB to save data. Here are some key features of "Node Calendar":· Daily & Weekly View· Overlapping Events· All Day Events· Server-side Jav

  • Memonaut 1.30

    Can be used to create & manage meetings, TODO lists, notes, quizzes, etc..Memonaut can run without a database, keeping all data locally using HTML5 localStorage. Here are some key features of "Memonaut":· Undo support - delete note, content-edit

  • Delorean v1.0

    The plugin takes a series of dates and arranges them on a timeline graph using Raphael JS. A working demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Delorean":· Add new date via JS· Set event name· Set event

  • Finance 0.3.0

    It is written with Express, Stylus, Jade and node.js. Can be used to record, track and total business expenses a user has during a day.The app stores all expenses in JSON format to a local file. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side&#

  • Jquery Day Calendar 0.1.0

    Using the power of jQuery UI, the user can create easy manageable draggable events on top of the calendar. Here are some key features of "jQuery Day Calendar":· Drag and drop events (which contains various resources).· Slot-based event cont

  • Monkeetime 1.0

    Data is stored on the client's side via HTML5 localStorage. It is compatible with modern web browsers and works on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery JavaScript Library· jQuery

  • Timer 1.0

    It uses local storage to save projects and the time spent on a certain project. It supports starting, stopping and resetting timers per project.Works best with IE 8+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+ and Google Chrome.The time is recorded in HH:mm format, so do

  • Ambi-jcalendar 1.0

    Can be used to add events and keep track of them in a calendar.Events are parsed from the HTML coed and shown inside a calendar-like interface.Hovering over a date will show the active events for that day.The plugin has been tested on modern browsers

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