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  • Nofi 1.0.0

    NoFi uses HTML 5 to detect the status of a user's Internet connection (wifi or LAN) and then emit a offline or online event state.This state is used by the NoFi library to perform various actions on a Web page, like changing the state of a network in

  • Offline.js 0.7.2

    Offilne.js was modeled after the alert system in Gmail that warns users of their lost Internet connection.The library aims to provide a system to constantly scan the user's connection status and show various warnings whenever the Internet connection

  • Node-portscan 0.1.0

    node-portscan is a generic port scanner, not depending on any pre-written applications or code structures.It merely allows a developer to scan for the first free port and perform an action like starting a server on it, redirect users to it, etc.. Req

  • Cap 0.0.5

    The 'cap' module will allow Node.js to intercept network traffic and capture desired packets based on a series of available filters.'cap' supports packet capturing based on protocols, IPs, ports and NICs.Usage instructions are included with the packa

  • Portastic 0.0.1

    Give Portastic a port range and he'll report on all the open ports he finds within that range.Portastic can also be limited in retrieving just one random open port from that range, or be used to scan the availability of one single port. The library c

  • Ssh2 (node.js) 0.2.3

    The module is practically a port of the SSH2 protocol to JavaScript.SSH2 (the module) does exactly what the protocol does. It allows developers to connect to remote SSH2-capable servers and execute remote operations.Usage instructions are included wi

  • Heyoffline.js 1.1

    Heyoffline.js works with browsers that go in offline mode and with PCs that lose their Internet connectivity.Heyoffline was written in CoffeeScript but comes already compiled to JavaScript, ready to be used with any Web page out there.A demo is inclu

  • Get Your Current Ip 0.1.0

    Useful in cases where the developer is behind a NAT router.Can be used from the Node CLI or as a JS call inside a Node app.Available as a npm package under the 'checkip' name. Requirements:· Node.js 0.4 or higher

  • Spdy Server For Node.js 1.8.7

    SPDY is a networking protocol developed by Google for transporting content across the Internet. It's like HTTP, but much much faster.This module adds support for this protocol, but in case of incompatibilities, it includes a fallback to HTTPS just in

  • Javascript-ipv6 2.0.2

    Works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments. Here are some key features of "javascript-ipv6":· Checks if an IP is valid· Subnet info· Multicast prefix· Decodes Teredo information· Unique local add

  • Sockjs 0.3.4

    The library closely follows the HTML5 Websockets API. Here are some key features of "SockJS":· Support cross domain connections· Polling transports· Streaming transports· Fast connection establishment· No Flash Requirements:&

  • Boomerang 0.9

    All measured indices are relative to the user's point of view, and not for the site owner. The client downloads the library along with the rest of the website.Boomerang records performance-related data on the client's side and sends it back to the se

  • Apache Activemq 5.5.0

    Apache ActiveMQ supports many Cross Language Clients and Protocols, coming with easy to use Enterprise Integration Patterns, while fully supporting JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4. Here are some key features of "Apache ActiveMQ":· Supports a variety of Cro

  • Ip Grabber

    Netscape only, and Java must be enabled) Whether it's ethical or not, getting information on your site's visitors is just plain neat. As one of the most requested scripts, this little gem will allow you to get the user's IP address!

  • Ip Address Display

    This script captures the IP address of the person filling in your form and submits it to you as part of the form. The IP address is displayed in a text box which the user cannot edit. The script works by taking the #echo var="REMOTE_ADDR" from SSI an

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