• Sizematch 0.1.2

    The sizeMatch jQuery plugin can modify just the height, just the width, or both at the same time.It can also use the element's natural dimensions or utilize its outer height and outer width values instead.It is recommended the developer uses a "domRe

  • Sizer 3.0.2

    The plugin was developed specifically for improving a page's vertical rhythm.Sizer can be used to make sure a collection of elements have the same height so they won't break the page's current layout.Examples are included with the download package. R

  • Pgwcookie 1.1.0

    Cookie files are used by programmers to store various individual, client-specific options in the user's browser.These files can be crucial for a website's proper functioning and are very valued by developers that understand their role.The PgwCookie p

  • Jquery.whenlive 3.0.0

    jQuery.whenLive (or whenLive) allows developers to dynamically apply settings and modifications to an element immediately after being loaded, changing its appearance or positioning according to the current page.This plugin gives the developer complet

  • Jquery.repeat

    Usually, the drill is to prevent any kind of duplicate content from appearing on a site. But jquery.repeat isn't for live websites, being a plugin usually used in a website's mock-up and testing phase.The developer simply needs to tell the plugin wha

  • Matchheight 0.5.1

    matchHeight will analyze a series of elements, determine the biggest height value, and apply it to all elements in that collection.This is done to make elements appear as part of a grid, much more visually appealing, and easier to read.The plugin can

  • Waterfall 0.1.71

    Using a simple CSS floating system, Waterfall moves elements from one column of the grid to another, whenever the screen size can't fit all elements horizontally.This approach gives an impression of a liquid layout, while also maximizing the usage of

  • Offscreen.js

    Offscreen.js works by detecting if an element is to the right or left side of a screen.If so, and if the element is in danger of going outside the screen, the plugin adds a special class (if left or right) to the element.These classes can then be use

  • Jquery Templates v

    jQuery templates uses a custom set of template tags to allow developers to control the content of a page and its display position via JavaScript code.A developer using this plugin, takes these template tags and embeds them in the page's HTML, where t

  • Jquery Two Way Bindings

    The "jQuery two way bindings" plugin takes the content of a JSON file and links it to elements on a page (usually form elements).If the content changes in the JSON or on the page, both data storage locations are updated at the same time."jQuery two w

  • Scrollocue

    Scrollocue takes text organized in paragraphs and adds a highlighting element to each one of them, one paragraph at a time.The user can click, press the space bar or one of the up/down arrows to navigate through the paragraphs and move the highlight

  • Zoetrope 3.0.4

    requestAnimationFrame is a W3C specification for improving animation performance in the browser. It does this by syncing up with the animation's frame rate to the browser's refresh rate.This leads to smoother animations, while for browser tabs runnin

  • Lazymouse

    For various reasons, a developer might need to know when the user has stopped interacting with his page.This can be either for simple UX purposes or even more complex issues related to bandwidth usage.LazyMouse works in the client's browser, followin

  • Jquery Box To Full Width 0.1.4

    jQuery Box to Full Width, or just box2fullWidth, also comes with a smooth, well-timed animation that gracefully moves elements from one grid column to the other.This slow animation let's the user know the grid elements have been repositioned and not

  • Jquery Evergreen 0.5.1

    Before it become the center of Web development, jQuery started out as a simple JavaScript library for manipulating DOM elements.By doing this and a few other tasks, jQuery become very popular and its codebase started to grow with the addition of more

  • Backup 1.4.0

    Backup is a must-have utility if working with the CKEditor in your backend.If an error has occurred or the browser has crashed, when re-accessing the page, the user can go back in time and use one of the backups.Also if the content needs to be change

  • Translater 1.0.4

    Translater was created to cut down the time spent on translating text in Web editors, specifically CKEditor.Instead of copy pasting the text into Google, Bing or Yandex's Web translation services, just select it, configure the plugin and press a butt

  • Syn 1.0.2

    Thanks to the wide spread adoption of the Internet, copywriter is a mainstream job now, not just a niche position mainly at advertising studios.Since the job mainly revolves about the process of writing text, one of the biggest problems with any empl

  • Stat 1.5.1

    The Stat plugin works with both stable branches of the CKEditor plugin, 3.x and 4.x.Stat is perfect mainly for deploying in a backend where these stats can come to good use.This small plugin will allow editors an insight for all their entered text, i

  • Jquery Top-droppable 0.3.0

    jQuery top-droppable works by dropping the dragged element into the foremost most visible element.All regardless of the z-index value of close-by elements.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:

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