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  • Pgwmodal 1.1.1

    PgwModal works by creating and displaying a small, styleless dialog window, with the developer's desired message inside.This message can be retrieved from the same page, or can also be fetched via AJAX from a remote location.The plugin is quite small

  • Html5 Lightbox 3.1

    The HTML5 LightBox plugin is a classic modal windowing script taking full advantage of the new HTML 5 standard in building a versatile, fully-customizable lightbox image and video viewer.As most lightboxes, the content is presented inside a small box

  • Divbox 1.2

    DivBox can be used to show:- single images- image sets/galleries- YouTube videos- inline HTML- iframes- AJAX content- SWFs- audio or videos (via JWPlayer) DivBox is quite easy to setup and can be very useful in crowded Web pages where there isn't eno

  • Easybox 1.4

    EasyBox was inspired by Slimbox 2.x and is a classic modal windowing script for showing large pieces of content floating above the page inside an animated popup window.All classic lightbox features are supported, along with the possibility to skin th

  • H5-lightbox 1.2.2

    h5-lightbox (or jQuery HTML5 Lightbox) relies on developers to add a special "data-large-src" attribute to each thumbnail image they want to expand into a floating popup.This attribute should contain a link to a larger version of the image.Default h5

  • Jquery Lightbox v0.5-mod

    This plugin was developed on top of Leandro Vieira Pinho's jQuery LightBox Plugin.By default, the original plugin was grouping all images found on a page into one big collection and dumping it to the lightbox plugin.This version adds the possibility

  • Classypopup 1.3.0

    ClassyPopup can work as a separate notifications system, or it can override the default alert() JS function.The ClassyPopup plugin produces more stylized and user-friendly alert messages, easy to skin via CSS, and easy to deploy from anywhere in your

  • Abigimage 1.2.4

    ABigImage works just like any other lightbox script, allowing users to embed linked thumbnails on a page, which when clicked expand into a modal window floating above the rest of the page.Inside the window a higher resolution of the image thumb is di

  • Smoothzoom

    Smoothzoom imitates the way Medium displays images on its blog posts, allowing the user to expand any image thumbnail into a fully-blown lightbox image.Smoothzoom includes support for responsive layouts and mobile devices, using smooth transitions to

  • Featherlight 0.4.1

    Featherlight takes content from a page and displays it inside a floating popup box every time the user clicks on it.This popup box, also known as a modal, or lightbox, is fully-responsive adapting to the current page screen size, and is also extremel

  • Jquery.tosrus 2.1.2

    jQuery.TosRUs (or jQuery Tos "R"Us, or jQuery Touch-optimized sliders 'R Us) is a combination of a carousel, slider, and modal window.It merges all of them together into a fully responsive, mobile friendly, and cross-browser tested content display sy

  • Jquery Lightgallery 1.0

    jQuery lightGallery allows developers to embed images on a page, and when clicked, to expand them into full view via a classic lightbox popup window.lightGallery works with image and video content the same, allowing users to put lots of images on a p

  • Remodal 0.1.4

    The plugin also comes with a default theme inspired by the current flat design trend.Remodal is not a classic lightbox image viewer, but a modal popup specialized in showing text-based content mainly.Support for embedding action buttons (Ok, Close, C

  • Image Lightbox

    Image Lightbox can be used to take a photo thumbnail embedded on a page and expand it into full view, floating above the rest of the page.In this expanded view, the photo is shown at its natural resolution when available, but also resized to fit the

  • Popslides 1.1.5

    popSlides works just like any other image lightbox script.The difference is that instead of showing one image at a time and waiting the user to either close the popup & open a new image, or press the left/right buttons to go to another image, po

  • Zoomerang.js 0.1.7

    Zoomerang.js also works with text-based content as well, allowing developers to setup a zoom-in system for any element on the page they wish.Zoomerang works via CSS 3 transforms and should work on all major desktop and mobile browsers.The library all

  • Fluidbox 1.3

    Medium is a relatively new blogging platform that everybody and especially coders seem to love these days.It uses an unique blog layout and a few innovative editing and presentations tools.One of them is its rich text editor, the other is its lightbo

  • Jquery.plainmodal 0.3.2

    jQuery.plainModal is not like all other jQuery modal plugins that come out-of-the-box with plenty of skins and UI templates.jQuery.plainModal is only a wireframe for the modal UI, providing all the basic methods and functions for creating modals with

  • Ilightbox 2.1.5

    iLightBox is one of the most advanced, customizable and fully-featured lightbox plugins around.  It may be available only under a commercial license, but if you want a lightbox plugin that works everywhere and supports all the cool features you

  • Simple Magnifier 1.0.0

    The way Simple Magnifier works is very simple.The developer must first select zoomable content on the page (check included example source code).After doing this, whenever a user might click on designated elements, they are expanded into full view and

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