• Gitbook 0.2.2

    GitBook is perfect for generating programming books, supporting a wide variety of formats like:- HTML (single or multi-page books)- PDF- eBook- JSONBesides the book itself, the application also supports summaries (table of content), search fields, an

  • Katamari

    Instead of using the classic metric or mile measuring systems, Katamari lets developers show distances using more unique measuring scales.Katamari can be used to create interactive unit conversion widgets that convert classic metric data into a more

  • Slides

    Slides is basically a starter kit for creating your very own Web presentation.Instead of relying on complicated office software, programmers can create their business or product presentations with HTML code and host it online for easier access.By def

  • Html5slides

    html5slides uses JS and HTML5 to create slide panels, (gradually) display content and animate from one slide to the next.Keyboard shortcuts are also included.F11 is for fullscreen modeENTER and SPACE to go to the next slideBackspace to go to the prev

  • Crockford Keyboard

    The Crockford Keyboard is an arrangement of letter keys for non-typists, or for environments (such as touch screens) where conventional two-handed keyboarding does not work.The "Crockford Keyboard" widget is perfect for the Web, providing an on-deman

  • Hat-trick

    Hat-Trick allows users to add options (text, names, cities, sports, numbers, etc.) to a list.When finished, they can pick a random option from the aforementioned list.This item will then be removed from the selection pool, and a new option can be pic

  • Pin View 1.0

    Pin View allows developers to create a grid system modeled after the Pinterest tiles and board view.Pin View even comes with a system for adding new content to the board.The plugin supports text and image tiles the same, along with an optional link.A

  • Circle View 1.0

    Circle View mimics both the circle selection buttons and the circle tag input section.The plugin allows developers to implement an input system similar to the mechanism used on Google+.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:·

  • Raphael Guitar

    Raphael Guitar uses the Raphael JS vector drawing library to plot out a guitar frets and strings via SVG.Besides simple rendering tasks, Raphael Guitar also supports highlighting frets and strings as well.This means the script can easily be used in m

  • Raphael Keyboard

    Raphael Keyboard uses the Raphael JS vector drawing library to plot out a piano keyboard via SVG.Besides simple rendering tasks, Raphael Keyboard also supports highlighting certain piano keys based on their notes.This means the script can easily be u

  • Flylatex 0.5.0

    FlyLatex is an open sourced clone of ShareLaTeX, an online LaTeX editor.Besides the possibility of writing and previewing LaTeX syntax, with FlyLatex more than one user can work on a document at the same time.There's also a feature that allows users

  • Json Editor Online 2.1.1

    JSON Editor Online allows any developer to copy-paste his JSON data and view it in a beautified way, with a proper alignment, formatting and colored syntax.He can also edit the data and export it in a minified version for production usage.JSON Editor

  • Bespoke.js 0.2.1

    Bespoke.js it is not actually a slideshow, slider or Web-based presentation library, but only provides a set of unique transition effects for graciously shifting the user's view from one panel to the other.A demo with various transition themes is inc

  • Responsivelayoutwithisotope

    Isotope is a jQuery plugin for dynamic layout animations. ResponsiveLayoutWithIsotope adds the needed support to use Isotope on mobile devices.It also includes support for Twitter's Bootstrap frontend framework.A demo is included with the download pa

  • Ls_colors Generator

    LS_COLORS Generator allows users to select the background and foreground colors they want to use in the *NIX console and automatically generates the Bash code that can make that change.The generated codes work on most Linux, OS X and BSD operating sy

  • Flowtime.js

    Created to show PowerPoint-like presentations, Flowtime.js gracefully animates the viewport from one section to the other using keyboard shortcuts or an on-page slide controller, usually shown in the right bottom corner of the page.Many features are

  • Controldeck.js 0.0.0

    Controldeck.js uses a Node.js server to control Web-based presentations and slideshows via remote Web pages.This allows a presenter to load his presentation on the projector screen and stand back and navigate it using his Controldeck.js controller fr

  • Gift.js

    Gift.js shows a cover superimposed over the entire website at page load.The cover looks like a birthday/Christmas present wrapping, with a small message card in the center.Clicking anywhere on the screen cover will make it disappear and the original

  • Stopwatch

    Created with Backbone.js and Jasmine, stopwatch can be used to time small time periods between two events.Works by pressing a button at the start or end of the event. A pause button is provided as well for timing non-linear events. Requirements:·

  • Csslider

    CSSlider is useful to persons that give presentations on a regular basis.It allows them to create Web-based slideshows that can be hosted online or kept on an USB stick and run from any browser on any computer.CSSlider uses keyboard shortcuts to navi

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