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  • Laziestloader 0.3.0

    The LaziestLoader plugin allows content to be loaded on a page only when the user directly views it by scrolling down to it.Basically the plugin loads only content visible on the screen (viewport). When the user scrolls down to view some more content

  • Doormat 0.0.1

    doormat works as the user scrolls down the page to the next section. The previous section simply slides up and reveals the next section right under it.As the user scrolls down and down, new sections are revealed and then slid up in the same manner.Th

  • Fixtop 1.0

    Fixtop was not developed specifically for menu or other navigation controls, but it can sure help a lot in making them stick to the site's header when scrolling long pages.Of course other HTML elements can be placed inside a Fixtop container, element

  • Edisonjs 2.0.0

    Routes is a generic term to describe well-structured permalinks (URLs).Controlling a route in modern-day Web development refers to controlling the page's URL and loading the appropriate content dynamically based on the route.While routes have been us

  • Jquery.event.scrollevents 0.4

    jQuery.event.scrollevents detects every time the user scrolls to the margin of the page and logs the event via the console.This allows the developer to trigger other actions when this happens, creating complex navigation patterns based on the user's

  • Arctic Scroll

    By default, clicking on an in-page anchor link will make the page quickly jump from the current position to the anchor's location on the page.This action is quite annoying and makes the user lose his bearings on the page.Arctic Scroll will transform

  • Browserswipe.js 1.0.0

    browserSwipe.js can be used to merge functionality on mobile and desktop versions of your site.While site visitors can use the native swipe gesture on mobile and tablet devices, this functionality is not natively support on desktops.To do so, browser

  • St-pagination 0.0.3

    By default, all pagination system rely on the user reaching the bottom of the page and pressing a next/prev or page number button, signaling he's ready for new content to be loaded.ST-Pagination (Storyteller Pagination) re-thinks the user's navigatio

  • Fixed Responsive Nav

    Created specifically for one-page websites, the Fixed Responsive Nav script can be used for pinning a responsive menu to the top of the page.As the user will scroll down the page, the menu will remain in the same position, always visible on the page.

  • Endless Scroll 1.8.0

    The Endless Scroll jQuery plugin allows developers to avoid reloading a page whenever it wants to show new content.Instead of reloading the page's header, footer, and other page elements, Endless Scroll can be applied to a desired container and load

  • Scroll2top 1.0.0

    The scroll2Top plugin is a very simple and lightweight UI widget that can be very useful on longer Web pages.Whenever the user has scrolled over a breakpoint (distance from the top of the page), a small button will appear which when pressed by a user

  • Tilted Page Scroll 1.2.1

    The Tilted Page Scroll jQuery plugin can improve the way a page is navigated by using CSS 3 transforms to add and remove elements from the visible area of the page.Instead of sliding them out of view, the default action with all Web browsers, Tilted

  • Glide

    Kinetic scrolling is natively supported, widely and regularly used on mobile devices.Glide implements the same principles, but packed as a jQuery plugin so they can be used on desktop devices as well.It works by allowing the user to scroll a page and

  • Scrollmagic 1.0.7

    ScrollMagic is a toolkit that developers can use to create websites that change and evolve content as the user scrolls a page.ScrollMagic supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling directions, and comes with pretty solid support for mobile devic

  • Jquery Listnav 2.4.3

    There's a consensus that for paginating content, developers "have" to use a numbered pagination display.Eric Steinborn's jQuery ListNav plugin is a different approach to the pagination UI, using letters instead of numbers.So instead of printing the p

  • Pikabu 0.2.2

    Developed by the team behind Mobify, Pikabu can be used to show a hidden panel that can come flying from the side of the page to reveal extra content like menus, instructions, search fields, settings, etc..Pikabu is easy to setup and is framework agn

  • Decss

    Decss is an ideal tool for people that have to make and deliver business or office presentations.Instead of working with proprietary software, Decss provides the ability to create the same presentation, but with HTML, CSS, and JS instead.Most of the

  • Jquery.floatthead 1.2.6

    jQuery.floatThead is an implementation of the classic fixed positioning technique for HTML tables.The plugin works by taking the <thead> table row (the table's header) and adding a fixed positioning CSS rule, allowing it to remain in a stic

  • Page Carousel 1.0.0

    Page Carousel takes content arranged in an unordered list and transforms them into a website's sections.List items are considered pages and using a simple navigation menu, the plugin will allow site visitors to switch between various pages without re

  • Bttrlazyloading 1.0.4

    BttrLazyLoading combines lazy loading with responsive design, providing a tool to use with today's mobile-friendly Internet.The plugin works just like any other lazy loading tool, loading an image only when the user scrolls down to it and it becomes

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