• 2048 - 3d 1.0

    Basically 2048 - 3D is a clone of the 2048 browser game, which in turn is a clone of the 1024 game, which also copies the THREES Android and iPhone games. The difference between 2048 - 3D and 2048 is the fact that users play the game on three boards

  • 2048

    The 2048 relies on making tiles of the same number touch and combine into a new tile.Just like THREES and 1024, the game is played on a 4 by 4 square grid.To move the tiles, the player can use his keyboard's arrow keys.The principle behind the game i

  • Molecule 0.9.3

    Developing games usually involves working with different tools based on the platform developers want a game to run on.Because HTML 5 is supported on all OSs, devices, and platforms, HTML 5 is considered an ideal medium for running games or other apps

  • Turbulenz 1.3.1

    Turbulenz is one of the few open source game engines that have been actually used for production games.Whilst most HTML 5 game engines are more of an experiment on the developers' part of getting around the new features of HTML 5 and testing out prod

  • Fudge Dice Roller

    The Fudge dice is a special dice used for Fudge-based RPG games.Fudge dices have an equal number of plus, minus and blank sides, and are usually rolled up to four at a time.All these features are also implemented in the jQuery-based Fudge Dice Roller

  • Memorygame.js

    MemoryGame.js allows developers to develop memory card games, easy configurable and extendable.Everything about the game can be changed, starting from the card faces, the UI, scoring rules, the number of cards used, etc..Various versions of the game

  • Fifteenpuzzle.js

    The Fifteen Puzzle, or 15 puzzle game is a small board game that consists of 15 numbered tiles that need to be arranged in a certain position by sliding them around a 4x4 board.FifteenPuzzle.js is an implementation of this classic game to JavaScript,

  • Sc2 Hovercards 0.1a

    Just by adding a specific "rel" attribute to a page element, when hovering it, SC2 Hovercards will show various information about that object added via the rel attribute.The library has been hard-coded to display information about the three races (Ze

  • Tictactoe

    Besides this, the game's algorithm can also keep player turns and reset the game when needed.The game works out of the box, just deploy it like any other Meteor app. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· Meteor

  • Four In A Row v1.0.0

    "Four In A Row" works just like any other Connect 4 games, only it can be played with any of your friends via the browser.The game works out of the box, just deploy it like any other Meteor app. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side&#

  • Shift-it

    The "Shift-it" game relies on a set of cut-out images that when pieced together in the correct positions reconstruct a bigger picture.The game is playable out of the box and ready to deploy to any page or online games repository. Requirements:·

  • Four In A Row

    Four in a row works just like the original game, allowing two players to take turn in dropping yellow and red dots on a grid.The game is playable out of the box and ready to deploy to any page or online games repository. Requirements:· JavaScrip

  • Jquery Toptrumps 0.9.0

    "Top trumps" games are classic card games where the bigger card wins.This jQuery plugin allows developers to build similar games with custom card structures.jQuery TopTrumps provides an API for building custom cards, compare their attributes, determi

  • Jquery Dice

    jQuery Dice allows developers to create dice and dice games via the jQuery framework.They can control dice and game details like:- the number of dice in a game- the number of players in a game- the number of spots on a diceProgrammers can roll and re

  • Tyranoscript 2.60

    Written on top of jQuery TyranoScript handles all the logic behind an interactive fiction story game, allowing the developer to focus more on the story itself, rather than paying too much attention to the game engine's code.A demo game is included wi

  • Tetrarchy

    Tetrarchy will allow regular users to play a game of Tetris right in their browser.Tetrarchy comes with support for:- rotating game pieces- scores- different color game pieces Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Jsgb 0.02

    JSGB was written in JavaScript and HTML 5 and allows users to play classic Nintendo games via their Web browser.JSGB comes with support for audio, keyboard interactions, scores, multiplayer and start/end screens.More than one game can be packed with

  • Abacus 0.0.1

    Abacus aims at simplifying the game development process for HTML 5 games.Abacus acts as a layer between the wishes of a developer and the ever-changing HTML 5 standard. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· HTML 5 enabled browse

  • Javascript Texas Hold 'em Poker 0.94beta

    JavaScript Texas Hold 'em Poker provides a fully-playable Texas Hold'Em game that works in the browser of your choice.Works in single-player mode only, but the user is pitted against four really good AI players.An improved version of this game can be

  • Memory Matching Game

    The Memory Matching Game works as any other memory game, relying on the user to turn cards around and match similar cards, making them disappear from the canvas.The game is played with a timer and the purpose is to make all cards disappear as quick a

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