• Mean 0.3.2

    MEAN unites some of today's most powerful and most successful Web development tools into a solid product that can be used as a base for any type of Web application.MEAN is not a final product that can be shipped out with just a few edits, but a solid

  • Epik 0.4.5

    MVP stands for Model-View-Presenter, a model very similar to MVC. epik allows developers to build JS-driven applications using small modular code.It was created around the AMD industry practices and designed to work with Bower components out of the b

  • Coltjs 1.0.3

    The Asynchronous Module Definition (or simply AMD) is a new technique for building modern JavaScript-centered applications where code is organized in modules, which when used automatically load all their dependencies as well. ColtJS has been made pos

  • Dozerjs 0.1.3

    DozerJS follows classic MVC design paradigms and sets up a basic environment on which developers can create any type of project.Also known as DozerJS Foundational Framework, Dozer's main feature and highlight is its versatile codebase which allows de

  • Falcon.js 0.10.1

    Knockout.js is itself a variation on the MVVM (Model-View-ModelView ) paradigm, but Falcon.js put things a little bit better in perspective, with a more advanced syntax and more power to the developer.Falcon.js focuses on scalability, and to do this

  • 1.1.13

    Express is a high performance Web framework for Node.js, practically one of the most used and most liked modules for Node.js (according to the website). is a simple framework which practically merges Express' features with Socket

  • 0.9.0 is the next step in the evolution of data communications on Web pages. It raises the standard approach of using AJAX for real-time updates, allowing developers to use HTML 5, WebSockets, and pushState notifications instead.The main reason beh

  • Ni 0.1.0 beta

    Ni stands for NodeIgniter, and as you can guess, the framework was heavily inspired by PHP's CodeIgniter MVC framework. Besides the basic principles also found in CodeIgniter, Ni also boasts the basic features of any Node.js application, like npm sup

  • Sleek.js 0.1.8

    Working on top of Express, Handlebars, and MongoDB (via Mongoose), Sleek.js is a powerful, relatively new MVC framework for Node.js, with a focus on extensibility and customization.Sleek.js includes all the basic features you'd expect in an advanced

  • Vue.js 0.10.3

    MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) is a deviation from the classical MVC paradigm, developed by Microsoft, targeted at UI development, and used for Silverlight and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).Vue.js implements some of the basic MVVM principles for

  • Total.js 1.3.1

    Total.js is a powerful and pretty complete framework for developing server-side JavaScript applications and services.The framework itself contains lots of built-in functionality, but it has also been modeled to use regular Node.js modules to extend n

  • Matador 1.3.5 / 2.0.0-alpha.3

    Medium is a modern blogging platform for hosting minimalistic blogs focused on content rather than graphics. It's very popular and has garnered the attention of designers and developers thanks to its speed, ease of use and UX.Matador is one of the to

  • Flight 1.1.3

    Created on top of tools like ES5-shim, jQuery and RequireJS, Flight is a modern, unique and lightweight development tool for building well-organized, framework agnostic Web applications. Flight is very different from any JS framework around, working

  • Tinycore.js 1.0.1

    A modular framework is a framework that uses modules to load and activate various features.A decoupled framework is a framework which is composed of smaller modules that can work on their own.TinyCore.js uses both of these principles to provide devel

  • Koa 0.5.5

    Koa is is largely based on Express, which in turn is based on Connect, a low-level middleware for creating Node.js Web applications. Unlike those two aforementioned solutions, Koa's code doesn't include middleware within its core directly, but only p

  • Riot.js 1.0.0

    RIOT.js (or just Riot) was created with speed in mind, being a tool that helps speed up applications by providing an well-crafted set of tools to use when building their projects.MVP is just like MVC, but with a little more emphasis on presentation.I

  • Single Page App 0.0.1

    Single Page App may use some complex technologies behind it, but the product that it ships out is completely worth the effort.Having a single-page website these days will automatically place you in an upper echelon of service providers.If you go on d

  • Hr.js 0.6.5

    hr.js uses Node.js for developing the application, but once finished, it can completely run on the client's side with no server-side JavaScript scripting needed.As most MVC-based frameworks, hr.js revolves around the concept of core and modules, a de

  • Noflo 0.5.0

    Flow-Based Programming (FBP) is a programming paradigm that defines applications as networks of processes, which exchange data across predefined connections.While this sounds complex, FBP is very useful in managing dynamic applications, which are qui

  • Theoricus 0.2.23

    Unlike the hundreds of similar JavaScript frameworks constantly released by the JS community, Theoricus is a pretty successful framework, tested with success in various environments and on some pretty famous online services.Just check out the showacs

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