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  • Expandable-input 1.0

    The effect that the Expandable-input plugin reproduces is widely used around the Web today, especially on search fields.This technique allows the developer to add small input fields to his site, saving space for other more important elements.When the

  • Dirtyform 1

    DirtyForm works by registering all form elements on page load.It will then watch the form fields' content for changes and record if any of the fields have been altered or modified in any way.The class can then tell users or developers if the form was

  • Jquery Datasaver 0.1.1

    The ideal mechanism to use as a backup solution for your Web forms, jQuery DataSaver is both easy to implement and totally non-intrusive with the classic form filling experience.The plugin works in the page's background, taking the content entered in

  • Radiostoslider 0.1.8

    Most designers consider radio buttons as "ugly" form elements. Not because they're ugly, but because they are hard (impossible actually) to customize via CSS, and every time you use a custom form skin, the radio buttons remain unstyled, hence "ugly"

  • Widearea 0.3.0

    Inspired by GitHub's Zen editing mode, the WideArea library works the same, adding a small icon to the top-right corner of a textarea.When this icon is pressed, the extarea is expanded to fullscreen (actually full-page), and its content displayed in

  • Doors 0.8 Alpha

    The "Doors" pattern relies on a number of locks. By default all locks are closed and access to a feature is denied.Unlocking just one lock won't unlock the entire system. To do this all locks must be opened.This simple system can be very effective, e

  • Placeholdem 1.0.1

    Placeholdem will start working when the user clicks (focuses) inside a form field.It will animate the text caret and start deleting the placeholder text. When the placeholder text is cleared and the animation stopped, the user can enter his own text.

  • Tourist.js 0.1.0

    There's a trend in Web Design that for online services and complicated products, their manufacturers usually provide a feature walkthrough page where all the options, settings, and controls are detailed one by one.For these kind of pages, plugins lik

  • Jstepper 1.4.0

    Steppers are usually seen on e-commerce sites, as a quick way of inputting prices, adjusting values, or increasing/decreasing orders.A stepper usually uses a preset value for increasing or decreasing the help value, usually "1" being the norm, but st

  • Jquery.dropdown 0.0.3

    jquery.dropdown can be used on any Web page to allow developers to overwrite browser default styles.This will allow them to use their own skins and themes for the dropdown element, more in tune with the site's overall graphic style.Multiple themes ca

  • Sortable 0.6.0

    When adding Sortable to a table, the table's header automatically is enhanced, by adding the possibility to click on it to sort the data inside the clicked column ascending or descending.When sorting the data, the entire row is moved in the table, no

  • Select 0.5.1

    Drop-down select fields are notoriously extremely difficult to customize.They usually require the developer to use complex jQuery plugins that use complicated form masking techniques to append custom styles to a drop-down field, and even when they do

  • Shepherd 0.5.1

    Shepherd is extremely easy to use and comes with plenty of documentation to get developers started on creating their own presentational guides.The library works by dithering out the rest of the page and leaving only the desired element in focus, whil

  • Jquery.dropdownreplacement 0.5.3

    jQuery.DropdownReplacement is not your classic dropdown form masking plugin that the Internet seems to be fill with these days.This plugin works with dropdown elements in a way most other plugins don't. jQuery.DropdownReplacement affects their core b

  • Formatter.js 0.0.9

    formatter.js was created for online form validation purposes.It helps developers setup input masks, term used to describe the process of taking user input and manipulating it to be displayed using a desired format.This technique is usually used for c

  • Jquery Autotab 1.5.5

    jQuery Autotab can be used with fixed sized input filters. For example if a form field has a limit of four characters, whenever the user has typed in four characters, Autotab will automatically move his input cursor to the next field.This way the use

  • Super Simple Infield Hints 1

    Super Simple Infield Hints provides a way to show an additional label with input fields, besides the classic <label> tag.Using the HTML 5 placeholder attribute, Super Simple Infield Hints can show a text inside the input field itself, right

  • Super Simple Form Events

    Super Simple Form Events does not use HTML 5 placeholders but only mimics their behavior.It takes text set into the <input> HTML element under the title attribute and displays it as a regular HTML 5 placeholder.Once the user focuses the inp

  • Ufilterlist 1.0

    uFilterList was created to add a filtering mechanism to a grid layout.Based on custom data-filter-* HTML 5 attributes, uFilterList will hide or show items according to the latest filter controller select by the user.Items are hidden using a smooth an

  • Fit.js 0.1.0

    Fit.js is a dynamic system for resizing and fitting data inside specified containers.There are plenty of similar scripts that do this, in many programming languages, but most of them work solely with images.Fit.js supports any type of HTML element, f

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