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  • Formchimp 1.0.3

    MailChimp is a very successful Web-based email newsletter and mailing list management service. It allows developers to manage multiple large subscription lists, send out newsletters and do it all at low costs and high efficiency.The FormChimp plugin

  • Croppic

    croppic allows a developer to provide an easy to use image cropping tool for their users.Images can be cropped:- inside a modal window- using a shadow image source- without the image shadowcroppic works by displaying the image inside a box and lettin

  • Validator.js

    Validator.js takes a collection of preset rules and verifies if the data entered inside a form and its fields are compliant with those rules.If one or more fields break the rules, a warning message is displayed underneath the appropriate field, letti

  • Formance.js 0.0.1

    Formance.js was developed on top of jQuery Payment, a jQuery plugin developed by Stripe for validating real life credit card numbers.Formance.js expanded support for other formats, creating a fully blown input masking and form validation system, much

  • Alpaca Forms 1.1.1

    Alpaca Forms uses a JSON config to store and load form structures, along with their validation rules.This way forms rely more on JavaScript rather than HTML, making them a lot more easier to assemble, edit and validate.Alpaca comes packaged with exam

  • Validetta 0.9.0

    Validetta is basically a simple form input processor, taking the data users have entered inside a form and checking it against a set of preset rules.If all rules are passed, the form is submitted. If not, errors are shown on the page, next to the fie

  • Jquery Valideasy 2.2.1

    jQuery Valideasy will help programmers move form validation procedures from the server to the client side.It allows developers to quickly deploy basic checks to a form, or to build quite complex data validation procedures if they have the time and wi

  • Validatorjs 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    ValidatorJS is a functional form validation library, perfect for deploying on a Web page and helping developers process the content of a form when submitted.A demo is included with the download package, to serve as starting point for your own online

  • Jquery Pristine 0.0.3

    This takes the load of the server and speeds up the form input process.The jQuery Pristine plugin supports basic checks for minimum length, email, number and URLs fields. Requirements:

  • Formbuilder.js 0.0.1

    Formbuilder.js is your classic form builder, benefiting from a visual interface for letting programmers build a Web form and exporting its structure as a JSON file.This JSON file can then be reverse engineered on a live Web page to reproduce the prev

  • Html5 'required' Attribute Jquery Fallback

    As the name specifies the "HTML5 'required' attribute jQuery fallback" plugin allows developers to use the "required" attribute in older browsers without causing form validation problems.It allows developers working with HTML 5 on their site to suppo

  • Jquery Validation 1.0.1

    jQuery Validation can be used to validate the data entered in a form on the client's side before sending it to the server.If the user's data does not meet various criteria, a small error message can be shown.The user can then fix his data and resubmi

  • Jquery Offlineform 0.1.0

    jQuery offlineForm can be used as a backup system for online Web forms, helping developers protect form entry operations against various crashes (Internet connection outage, browser crash, accidental browser tab closing, unwanted page refresh, etc.).

  • Jquery Validator 0.1.4

    Compared to other similar solutions, jQuery Validator is a very lightweight plugin, but covering most of the important features.jQuery Validator was developed to work in conjunction with the "data-" attributes introduced with HTML 5, and provides a m

  • Jquery Form Dependencies 2.0

    jQuery Form Dependencies is for building dynamic online forms.It can be used in putting together a list of rules that modify the form's structure as the user fills in designated form fields.An example and usage instructions are included with the down

  • Jval 0.1.5

    jVal is a lightweight form validator for jQuery developers to prevent useless client-server communications for false form submissions and feedback messages.The plugin takes care of all form field input rules on the client side, only sending its data

  • Qupload

    Qupload is a nice uploading interface, that handles errors and success messages.It is also outfitted with a PHP script for handling files on the server side, but a proper backend should be added nevertheless.An example is included with the download p

  • Fastform 0.0.2

    AJAX forms are Web forms that when submitted don't force the entire page to be reloaded.They use jQuery to extract form data and XMLHttpRequest to send data to the server.While this saves bandwidth, its most important feature is a leaner, faster user

  • Damnuploader 0.9

    damnUploader can upload files via the classic method of selecting files or via the new HTML5 drag and drop method.All damnUploader operations are AJAX based and a progress bar indicator is included for each upload process separately.For image files,

  • Jquery.serializeobject

    jquery.serializeObject takes the data inside a form's fields and converts it to JSON format.This JSON object can then be easily passed to the server for further processing of the form's filled-in data.Usage instructions are included with the download

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