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  • Filemanager 1.4.0

    Filemanager is a programming language agnostic component. It was written on top of jQuery, allowing it to work with any backend technology, regardless of programming language.Filemanager comes packaged with a plethora of connectors for:PHPColdFusionA

  • Rar.js 0.0.2

    The library can be used to extract various details about a RAR archive, which can then be passed to more complex data processing applications for further processing.Details like the archive file contents, size, individual file size, CRCs, RAR version

  • File-size.js 0.0.3

    File-size.js can be used to convert a number of X bytes into human readable format.It can practically take 18645786 bytes and print it as 186.46 MB, a more comprehensive, conventional and useful way of measuring data.File-size.js can be used as a sta

  • Multiple Files Simultaneous Download 3.0.3

    The "Multiple files simultaneous download" plugin (multiDownload) allows developers to add a button to their UIs that when pushed starts a series of file downloads at once.This can be ideal for pages that provide download links to various files, whic

  • 0.0.16

    While P2P has a negative connotation these days, peer technologies are also used in many other different ways than illegally sharing copyrighted material as well.The package adds support to the highly successful Node.js platform so it can a

  • Btapp.js 0.2.0

    Btapp.js allows developers to utilize something unreachable until in via their browsers: torrent technology.The library allows in-depth access to some of BitTorrent's most successful technologies and toolkits, enabling website developers to integrate

  • Node-tar.gz 0.1.1

    node-tar.gz supports native GZip compression and decompression, allowing on the fly manipulation of TAR archives.The library can be used programatically, or just form Node's command line. Requirements:· Node.js 0.8 or higher

  • Lzma.js

    lzma.js is actually a port to JavaScript of the LZMA algorithm found in the Zlib file compression C utility.It was ported using the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Jquery File Download

    The plugin does not actually use AJAX, but facilitates requests that result in a file or download, without refreshing the page.The plugin syntax follows the conventions of jQuery's native Ajax functions. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on clie

  • Jsinflate

    Can also inflate deflated binary files as well.Works for both client-side (browser) and client-side (CommonJS, Node.js) environments.Cross-browser tested. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Jsunzip

    The library does not compress or unzip files.Only reads and prints the content of a ZIP file.Cross-browser tested. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Zip.js

    Can handle compressing and decompressing files.Uses HTML5 features like Web workers, FileReader, FileWriter, Blob, BlobBuilder and Typed arrays. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side Limitations:· Currently only works with Google

  • Jquery-download 0.1.1

    The plugin uses the data: uri to download arbitrary pieces of DOM, including SVGs.In real-world use cases, the plugin can be used to serve page sections as a downloadable separate stand-alone file. A demo is included with the download package. Requir

  • Filer.js

    Under the hood, filer.js is a wrapper library for the HTML5 Filesystem API. It will allow file and filesystem interaction right from the browser window or web app.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on

  • Tar-js 0.2.0

    Allows TAR-ing files on the client side (browser). The library is a port of tar-async for Node.js for the browser, with a couple differences.A similar tool for creating GZIP archives is also available. Here are some key features of "tar-js":· Ad

  • Todataurl 0.1.1

    Takes any input and transforms it into a downloadable content/link. Here are some key features of "toDataURL":Supported downloadable inputs:· String - uses built-in btoa function.· Array - takes Array of numbers and assumes they're bytes (c

  • Gzip-js 0.3.2

    Allows GZIP-ing files on the client side (browser).gzip-js uses the DEFLATE algorithm for compressing data.A similar tool for creating TAR archives is also available. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Fsa.js

    It wraps some methods from the new W3C File, Directories and System API. A demo is included with the download pacakge. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· Modern browser supporting the W3C File, Directories and System API

  • Downloadify 0.2.1

    Can be used for any web app that might need user details before generating a download file. Downloadify speeds up the download process, improves server performance by reducing web server and DB load. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client s

  • Jszip

    It takes a collection of files, ZIPs it on the client's side and sends it to the server.This way, the server resources can be used for delivering the website itself, and not for compressing the user's files.JSZIP is supported on Firefox3+, Opera 7.5+

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