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  • Jquery Textext Plugin 1.3.1

    An auto-completion feature can also be used for suggesting input alternatives. Here are some key features of "jQuery TextExt Plugin":· Tags· Autocomplete· AJAX loading· Placeholder text Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on cl

  • Simplefaq 1.0.0

    It automates the process of creating a visually pleasing and interactive lists of questions and answers, generally used for client support or in help sections.Questions are shown inside an accordion, as the header of a panel, with the answers hidden

  • Fancy Faqs

    At page load, questions are shown as a list of links.Clicking one of them will make the answer expand from under it, just like an accordion panel.Multiple answers can be viewed at the same time.The questions and answers are really an HTML definition

  • Dynamic Faq Page

    The answer section of the FAQ just slides out from underneath the question.The important part is that it is built with the utmost consideration for accessibility and semantics.By default, the answer is hidden on page load.The questions and answers ca

  • Question And Answer

    With this script you can provide answers to some questions with only a mouse click. It is suitable for FAQ's pages.

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