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  • Kite

    Kite is made of two parts. The frontend coded in AngularJS which allows the user to read his emails, and the backend, coded in Python, that connects to your local/remote mail server for fetching and sending your messages.Kite was developed mainly for

  • Gmail.js 0.2.2

    The Gmail.js library is also fully-compatible and can be used to build Gmail-related Google Chrome extension as well. Gmail.js is nothing more than a basic library, full of smart designed methods for interacting with Gmail data without being develope

  • Defuscate 0.1.1

    The Defuscate plugin will take an email like name(at) and transform it into [email protected] means the developer can keep emails out of his source code, but have it compile to working email links inside a browser.Since bots read the sou

  • Node-email-templates 0.1.0

    As its name hints, the 'node-email-templates' module can be used in producing HTML templates used in sending HTML emails.The module produces HTML code with inline styles, a format supported by most email clients for rendering visually beautiful email

  • Mailcrypt 1.0.1

    MailCrypt uses a complicated system to take HTML code that does not look like an email address at all and render it in the front-end as a normal mailto: link, all while still presenting a mangled source code to spam bots parsing the page.This way the

  • Mailto

    MailTo works by using JavaScript to encrypt an email address and Flash to display it on a live Web page.While protected from spam bots, the email address is also viewable by humans at the same time and can be easily copied to the clipboard by clickin

  • Node-imap 0.7.11

    Node-imap allows asynchronous communication between Node.js and IMAP servers.A Node.js developer can simply connect and retrieve email data only via JavaScript code, without any proprietary software or third-party libraries. Usage instructions are in

  • Mailcheck.js v1.1

    Reads an input field and tries to correct wrongfully entered email addresses by suggesting the correct one.Does not analyze the email account name, but analyzes the domain and the domain extension. Here are some key features of "mailcheck.js":Support

  • Nodemailer 0.4.1

    Sent emails support Unicode characters and SSL/TLS. Here are some key features of "Nodemailer":· Unicode to use any characters· HTML content as well as plain text alternative· Attachments (including attachment streaming for sending lar

  • Mailcheck v1.0

    Using the Levenshtein distance algorithm, it will parse the user's inputted email address and detect if the domain name has been typed wrong.If so, a suggestion for the correct name is shown under the input field.A demo is included with the download

  • Deobfuscator

    An obfuscated email address like “name at email dot com” will be converted into a valid mailto link.Optional subject line can also be added. Spambots will see the obfuscated version, while users will see the final transformed link inside

  • Voynex Email Guard 2.0

    It is designed to protect e-mail addresses on websites from e-mail harvesting software, applications or scripts.The script is invisible to the website's visitors.Users can click, copy and paste e-mail address and don't know that the e-mail address is

  • Email Page Url

    Email Page URL script allows visitors to recommend any web page throughout a site. The URL to the page is sent via the visitors email program.This Javascript is compatible with all modern web browsers and is very easy to install, use and customize to

  • Validate An Email Address With Javascript

    This script will check to see if a user entered email address is actually valid or not. It is always a good thing to do. What this script does is check to see if there is at least one @ sign and one in the email address. That doesn't necessarily mean

  • Ajax E-mail Submitter

    AJAX E-mail Submitter allows your visitors to dynamically submits e-mails addresses to a newsletter system. Simply upload the files as is and it should work from the get-go! For implementation into a design just simply copy the HTML and stick it anyw

  • E Mail This Page 2

    Let your visitors recommend your Web site to their friends. (Requires the use of your visitor's e-mail client.)

  • E-mail Button/link

    With this one-line script you can add a special E-mail link or button to your pages.When you click the button, the script opens the default Mail program with the To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and Body fields already filled in. The unique part o

  • E-mail This Page Script

    This script is an elegant solution for those that want to add a "Send this Page to a Friend" feature to their site. Works in most browsers and even in frames. It will open your default email client in a new window.

  • Anti-spam

    This script will generate random e-mail addresses on a page that spambots will, in turn, try to contact.Because they aren't real, they will bounce back to the spammer's mailbox, which will keep them busy with fake addresses. This example generates 10

  • Multiple Mailer

    This JavaScript can help you send an e-mail to anyone on your "list". Just use the pulldown menu to select a recipient, compose your message, and hit 'Send Message' to send it. This script could be a good JavaScript example for all beginner

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